Another Website

It has been my passion to design and build website. I still remember, when I first tried to code some page in HTML when I was in sixth. It was my second cousin, Sujith (hi etta! long time not seen you), who tipped me over into this vast world. Now I enjoy it (at least now!!). After joining Amrita, the opportunities are just flowing swiftly and I am expected to do the job in a time frame (I have never worked like that!). After the Amrita Sanjeevani Website (, now its time for the FOSS website for my college. I’ve been searching for some WordPress theme in the FREE educational websites cafe. And then came the idea that i could actually blog from here for FREE (the true spirit of FREE and Open Source … he …he)…
I’ve got so much work to complete… so c u soon.

One response to “Another Website

  1. hey, pretty good work on the Amrita sanjeevani webpage. But, the web-page seems to lack a central color theme…

    just keep on the same track; you`re bound to improve!!!

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