Amrita Kalotsavam

I got a few minutes to spare after that busy weekend of Amrita Kalotsavam. It was two days of complete CHALLI (my malayali friends knows abt that) and enjoyment. I din even expect to get selected to the final round of Quiz, but i did. The first round was an MCQ. Charls (my team mate !!) and me, finished it in 3 min (not ‘coz we knew everything.. but we clicked here and there and submited !!!). So, organizers – plz avoid a MCQ without Negative marks next time, or else we could be selected once again.

The silver lining is that, we got 3rd position in the final rounds. And then it was busy busy and busy… i couldn’t think for even a second. I joined George to be the Anchor at the Main Stage. I also had English extempore (I got 1 st … don’t believe that !!), debate, all going on so swiftly.

And then on Sunday night, after all the blasting and cheering (and howling) I was flat on bed.

This Monday was the day for “showcasing” the foss@amrita website to the FOSS organizers. I was not impressed by the site (i think they too din). I asked for another 2 days time, and yesterday.. I was happy to complete it.. thought with a few minor problems. I’ve started loving WordPress. Its cool to alter the code (php and css), they have made a great FOSS tool.

I wouldn’t ever forget that Quiz. Every time I c Charls, it makes me laugh (not smile), reminding how lucky I was (we were).

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