FOSSTER ’09 – beyond expectations

It was my first ever foss meet at my college. Everything were, at last, put in place by my seniors and classmates for FOSSTER ’09. I was excited to meet many students and professionals from the industry. The 2 day event went on without a glitch, I should say. It was a great experience. The whole event created such a huge response from the student community that most of my batchmates (all from Comp Sci, and everyone who had a laptop) approached us to get the FOSS CD’s. I had been to few foss meets (which doesn’t include FOSS.IN), but I found a kind of excitement and energy in FOSSTER ’09, that can only be experience. Ya, it happened in my college, am proud of that. Moreover, am happy to see so many students talking about Ubuntu, Solaris, Drupal, Blender and so many words that am hearing for the first time. The keynote address by Mr. Amarnath Raja, from InApp solutions, during the second day, was my favorite. He told us the whole history behind OS and how FOSS evolved.

I also had the opportunity to conduct a hands-on workshop on “Building your websites using DRUPAL”. It went on well (thats just my “point of view” :-) ), though I was a little nervous at times.

On the final day, after the event was over, the happiness and contentment was evident. Many of my friends put lots of glitter on my head (that took a lot of time to remove), we had a great ice-cream party…. and we had a great sleep (I almost missed the next day’s class).

Some times, when I look back (thought its not so old a memory), it feels great to have been part of FOSSTER ’09. It gave me opportunities to explore myself and work with others (that was the superb part, to hang out with friends !!!). Hoping for A FOSSTER ’10, lemme go back to my world of …

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