Avant Window Navigator (AWN) Problems with Metacity??

I use Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) as one of my OS’s. I recently installed AWN (by executing : $ “sudo apt-get install awn-manager”). But my dock didn’t start after a successfull installation. After some googling and wiki-ing, I found out the solution. My window manager was metacity (and not compiz-fusion), so I needed to enable the “compositing manager”. Here is the way to do it :

1 . Run the command “gconf-editor” in terminal.

2.  In the window that appears, browse to apps -> metacity -> general

3.  On the right side, check the “compositing manager”…voilla!!! You are done.

Ok..if you still dont see your dock, then try one of these :

In a terminal, type “metacity –replace” (without ” “) or if you already have metacity runningand you want to change to Compiz then type :

“compiz –replace” in the terminal. And try rebooting your machine once if the whole thing doesn’t work… :-)


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