Our college came up with the idea of SUMMER OF BLOGGING, as the name suggests a blogging contest aimed at inspiring students to jump-start their career in technologies. The blogging contest was not just meant for that…but something more important.

It was about ten days into the contest that I was seriously involved in it. My mentor had spoken to me in depth about the advantages of Blogging.. not just in career, but in life too..I mean its something that touched me deeply. Here I was and few of my friends, who blogged on our lives and our interests. And there was a whole lot of my classmates who never knew what it was (and is). I never found any pride in knowing something that they didn’t, but on the other hand( right hand :-) ), I was ashamed and drowned to see that I didn’t contribute anything to their knowledge, to their life.

Now, another week passed by, with few (handfull), of my friends, who are keen on blogging. I am surprised and truly amazed at how most of them have already gotten off to a great start. Now, I don’t consider myself as one of the best bloggers in my class (“mookilla rajyath muri mookan raajav”..tats for my malayalee friends).. since I know I am not. But no tears, not sad.. but sincerely happy that some them have re-discovered their confidence, their lost flamboyance.. and spark.

It is a serious thing to consider, how blogging could change lives…not material gains (money, fame !!).. but much more than that.. I see posts propping up on almost all topics,.. hostel life, driving, technology.. and I confess they are interesting to read (Not like my boring ones)… So, few lessons learned this summer (monsoon has already arrived in this part of the world and you dont call it “Monsoon of Blogging”….hooo), and few more to awaiting …