Flash Support in OpenSolaris : Installating Flash Player

I had been facing this problem for almost a week, and I was more immersed in other works that I almost forgot it. So, today I decided to try it. The work – Getting the flash player support in my firefox, which is running on my OpenSolaris. The steps are clearly written in the official website, except some minor details. So, here I have enlisted the steps to be followed…

1. Get it downloaded from http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/thankyou/?installer=Flash_Player_10_for_Solaris_x86

2. Extract the package that you had just downloaded, say to your Desktop.

3. Open a terminal and browse to the directory  (here, ~/Desktop/flash_player_10_solaris_r22_87_x86)

4. Copy the ¨libflashplayer.so¨ (which is inside that directory, ~/Desktop/flash…..) to the ¨/usr/lib/firefox/plugins¨

5. Restart the firefox, if it is still open.. and there you go .. you got the flash support in your firefox..cool !!


1 Comment

  1. hey how do you install any software in ubuntu….no extraction of setup files(archives )is working for me..

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