Environment And Me

June 5.

Most of us are bombarded with articles on Environment, Global Warming, blah.. and more blahss.. So, what is the crux of it. This is my adventure into the wilderness to get a sense of whats happening and whats not.

Beauty is green
Beauty is green

June 3.

I came back to one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my life, Amritapuri. Fortunate enough, its where my college is also located. My aim, a project in OpenSolaris (tell you later about it). My destiny, not known.

I came back  by an auto from the railway station. On the way, I had a talk with the driver, whom I called Etta. We discussed the pathetic, but improving, conditions of our village roads, the water problems, the usual politics of Kerala, and then his family. Nothing great, nothing extra ordinary.

I stepped on the Amrita Sethu (a bridge which spans across the beautiful backwater), and as usual was swept away by its beauty, enormity and elegance. I confess, Its just superb…and then after freshening up myself, I got hold of few of my friends who were here in the college. I went with them to have tea and while on the way back to the hostel we decide to venture into some unseen teritory.

Not a suspense, feeling like being dragged along ? sorry.. i have this pathetic way of telling true life stories and assure you that I will probably try to improve it

So, back to square one…ya…Unseen teritory – Yes.. we had never walked through the sides of the backwater. So, we decided to walk along as far as we can. That was an awsome decision.

Through narrow muddy paths, which had water pools colored chocolate, and smelled salty. Crab holes under our shoes, green backwater on our left side, yellow skies on top of us, an orange Sun waiting to be pulled into the unknow… poetic – “nature stimulates the original you”. We walked, walked and more of it. No particular aim, but lots of hopes of seeing something new. And nature didn’t cheat us. At every other turn, something changed, something new came in the skies, in the backwater (now a dull yellow color). We never missed a chance to take photos all along the path to no-where. There were Chinese fishing nets, a single cow which stood in the midst of a large green field, and crabs that hid swiftly into heir homes. I would say, it was a great evening shot for any camera man, whatever you shoot, you get a great picture.

So, where are we ? After all that description and poetic non-sense, what sense did I make of this long, boring blog post ?

Yup !! I am aware of the how much our nature is being messed up with. I see it dailly in newspapers, TV shows, and on the many June 5s (WED – World Environment Day) that have come along. This could be the reason why I ventured into some real photography of how bad we have been to nature. And this, I guess, is not an attempt to make you plant tree (am not that good a persuader and rhetoric doesn’t come of my mouth), or deny you the freedom to throw away toffee wrappers anywhere you want.

Thus, along the way, I got hold of the Best and the Worst. At the end of the day, its better to convey ideas through photos than words. Let Nature spell its beauty and the beast upon all of us.

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