God of Small Things

Yes, you are right. This is my experience with God of Small Things, by Arundhati Roy.

First things first, let me tell my readers that I am not a great “literary critic”, nor a great “fiction admirer”. But, I like reading books (its a late habbit, i confess).

God of small things

So, to start off with, this book is a great read for those who loves to live in a world filled with color, smell, and the book ignites all the human senses through its journey. Its a great book, written with atmost perfection (thinking whom am I to rate a booker prize winning book ?? :-)… well thats my take on it). The story is set in Kerala, in the 60’s. The book takes us into a virtual ride of the state, through its backwaters, rivers, and has never missed even the subtle details. “The God of Small Things” is not a travelogue, but a “true fiction” (now, whats that?). A real life, “happenable” story, which portrays the insanity of caste system, the “love laws”, the aristocracy, the hippocratic politics, the nature, the innocence of children, and above all a perfect plot.

Plot, a perfect fit into a myraid of puzzles… that fall into place only at the end. I always tried to predict the story at every turn, but failed pathetically everytime. But, the story takes on a lagging path towards the middle, where I feel, the book concentrates on the social structure of Kerala, during the 60’s, which makes the reading a bit boring. Though except that part, the book is a great read for literary fanatics as well as fiction loving, thrill loving, and most importantly “small things” loving people out there.

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