Last few days, I was on a holiday with my friends. We went to Ernakulam and had great fun for 2 days. After I returned back to college, and after washing a whole lot of clothes … I was back to my work.

Yesterday, I had a chat with one of my friends…Now, I thought of putting the transcript here, but decided not to. Then I thought of telling you what happened during the chat, but once again decided not to.

And so, what am I gonna tell you. To break the suspense, am gonna tell about one of my experiences.

Rewind 8 months back :

I was in my first sem, getting along nicely with my subjects. I was also part of the Sanjeevani Web Team, kind of full time work on website and part time studies (that was more of joke, I managed to do well in my subjects). Then, one fine (not so fine) morning, one of the seniors in the webteam told me that I will have to work on the site, all alone, and will need to port it to a CMS (content management system – drupal). I din’t know anything about it. But, yes, as the time would tell me, that was a great decision, to learn it from scratch and then build a whole website using it.

Dec 2008 :

I was in my home, during my one month hols, working (or trying to work) on drupal. I had been designing websites, since my 6th grade (changing color, title, scroll, marquee, etcc…which now even a 4th grade child cud do with ease). But, this was different, I felt it extremely difficult to understand the logic behind how a CMS works. I had to unlearn many things (for the first time in my life, I understood the meaning of that phrase !!). And after much trouble, finally (eventually sounds better though), I got hold of the beast.

Jan 2009 :

I came back to the college, with new hopes, new dreams, and yes, the drupal site for Sanjeevani. I had to still work on it for a few more weeks to get it ready to be hosted on our server. Once the site had been completely up and running, I had a sigh of relief (but only for few days..). Though I had the duty of maintaining it, I was comfortable with the new site.

At almost the same time, I had met Avinash Joshi (2 yrs senior to me, Sun campus ambassador, and much more). I was thinking of attending a FOSS conference held at Ernakulam. As the time would tell me, it was all falling into place once again. We had a talk, and finally I had the confidence to attend it. (and luckily my brother was staying at Gateway Hotel, Ernakulam, and so I had no doubt of attending it :-))

Feb 2009:

The FOSSter (I had an earlier post on it) madness was slowly dawning upon us. I was part of the web team, which was supposed to develop the official site of FOSSTER ’09. I joined the team and started working on it. After some teething problems with wordpress, I was comfortable building the site. (Then, it was later decided that the site had to be in Drupal, to better manage the user and event registrations.)

March :

It came with new promises and bad reality. Towards the middle of the project, we were feeling the heat of it. The event was in jeopardy, and it was at the brink of cancellation. And, I was a bit worried about my studies (now, I started to miss two hours per week, which was “unprecedented” ), so I put the website on the back burner (later, I would regret for the same). During the same time, I was also asked to prepare a talk for the FOSSTER ’09. I doubted my ability to deliver a class (or a talk), during such an event. I really din’t have the confidence in me. I thought that it was not possible (impossible sounds too bad). Once again, people around me (seniors and vipinp sir) had more confidence in me (perhaps more that what I had). The rest of the story is on the expected lines. I did deliver a talk during FOSSTER ’09. My first such experience in life. And one lesson learned (thoroughly…).

Things changed fast, and I would say, faster…after FOSSTER ’09. We never sat on the laurel and success of FOSSTER ’09. More plans were laid out for me….

April :

Its the month of Exams, nothing but studies was supposed to be the rule of land. But we were never afraid to break that rule, atleast. I got interested in other fields of computer. OS, Opensource, OpenSolaris and much more. I don’t know why, but when we have exams, we dont have much to blog about it. Why is it so ?

May :

We have two months holiday after the even semester. So, once again I was back at home, eating, watching movies, having fun, and sleeping (less than what I would, during exam times). I had a project in my hand, OpenSolaris. First task : play with it, second task : learn it (much more fun). So, I sat about doing the same, in ARL,with chechis and chetans….I was off to a nice start.I had my goals well in sight, though the path was a bit misty. But, once again, someone was (and is) changing my plans.

It was mere accident, that, one day I visited I found an interesting project there (I would tell you about it afterwards). This time, the game was different, I was not following the path travelled by others. I was excited, first, and nervous next.

All that was going on in my mind was : should I take the jump into the project. I have many other projects, already done by others, deeply described in the sites… how to do it… and this one was completely different.

If I dint join Sanjeevani, if I hadn’t done drupal, if I hadn’t done the talk, if I hadn’t done the OpenSolaris project… I would confidently say that I wouldn’t have thought of taking up this project. Now, what is that project.. somethings are left unsaid…

To sum it up, I take the words that have been inscribed in my mind, the deepest ever,

Fear can hold you in prison, hope can free you

[thats an altered version from the movie “The Shawshank Redemption”… thanks arvind bhai..]

And somethings are always left unsaid…