It has been a long time since I have worked continuously, without falling ill, almost every third day. I’ve been keeping ill for almost a month (don’t worry, its not a pandemic !!). First my back (due to working on laptops for long hours), then my age old friend –  cold and fever (I cant remember a 3 month period when I didn’t have it), and finally, an icing on the cake, fatigue.

As they say, you can learn from even the worse of situations (though I don’t think this would be the worst to happen), I too learned. There is no meaning in working, without taking care of your health. I used to burn myself far too long without giving rest to my eyes (fortunately, eyes are still fine, I got it checked). My posture in front of the lap was notoriously bad !! And so I have decided to go through a process of complete change.

1. Less of laptop and more of Desktop.

Though nowadays I don’t spend much of my time in front of laptops, I now prefer using the desktops, for it is ergonomically much better.

2. Shut my eyes for a minute

All of us are humans and none of us have the ability to keep our eyes open for hours on. And now, finally, I have realized that keeping my eyes open to the bright LCD monitors have made it weak (I can’t read the last line during eye testing without getting my eyes strained !!). So, get away from your work for a while once in every hour.

3. Beware of your back, now. Or you will be back on bed.

It is true that we seldom care the state of our back bones. Stretching it and straining it while prolonged use of computers (and especially laptops) would result in great deal of trouble to your back.

And now am off to my bed, giving rest to my back and eyes..