Confidence threshold

It is a very important task that we should share knowledge and help others build their confidence. One way is to build a community, which will thrive and then help grow a bunch of highly motivated and ambitious students every year.

Thus was born the idea to create a FOSS community in our campus, where we will train students to be well-versed with most of the OpenSorce Softwares. We had been given the duty to mentor them, so as to build up their confidence, and ultimately make them leaders, in their own fields.

For the last 2 days, we had great fun. I was lucky enough to have a great mentor (Vipin sir) early in my college life (that happend in the 2nd semester itself). Such a process made a whole lot of difference in my life. There is fine “confidence threshold level”, that needs to be crossed before we could become leaders and take our own paths. It is through constant encouragement that such a process could be completed, atleast in our group of friends.

I could really understand their difficulties (which I too went through), when I was helping them out. It was a great teaching experience, as well as, an even greater learning experience. Now, I realize how much pain and effort my mentors would have taken to help me. They had sacrifised their personal time, and progress for our progress. I cannot but respect their effort and fullfill my own duty to serve others.

A fullfilling experience, I have my exams next week, ICPC this week, and my project deadline eagerly waiting for me. So, its always better to blog less and learn more (atleast till I finish my exams.)


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