Why write exams ?

examsI write this post with a sigh of relief. Firstly, my first internals are over and secondly, I have got a reason to study my subjects (most of my friends are not so fortunate :-(). Exams have always been a break from my usual routine (sitting in classrooms for hours and then on laptop for the rest of the day). But, it took me some 15 years (am 4 years older than my past, think over it !!) to find out the real reason for learning my subjects. Fortunately, I have never hated any of my subjects (though many of my friends say they hate it to the core), and I still don’t.

How did the exams help me discover my true self ? Answer is quiet simple.

“The quieter you become the more you can hear

I love to talk (just as anyone else would like to!). And exams gives me a reason to become silent. When you become silent, you hear a lot of the inner noise (almost a theatre, screening “Terminator 3”). And the compulsion of the exams forces us to silence that noise (screening stopped till exams are over !!). It is during that state of mind that we are able to analyze all our thoughts. The thoughts that usually run uncaught, unharmed (though harmful to us), and those thoughts that never surface out as actions (most of our thoughts never result in any action !!). So, the final statement : If you don’t like exams, if you don’t like learning those pathetic subjects, this is the reason why you should !! And still if you can’t find a reason to study, then follow your conviction !! :-)

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