A different life

Since my life at Amrita began about an year ago, I’ve gone through many new experiences. Some of ’em were silly enough for me to laugh at it, and some others have touched my heart, deeply. I feel that the life, here in Amrita, is a “fast-forward” version of what I’d been used to in my serene town of Ottapalam. It is as though you are experiencing ten years of life in the span of one.

During the past few weeks, I’ve gone through some rough patches. But, on the positive note, once I’ve come out of it, I feel an added energy. An added maturity, that I feel, I lacked. I am not an experienced, old person to tell this, but, my conviction grows stronger everytime I go through such instances in my life.

I was randomly browsing through sites, and then I went to http://www.amritapuri.org. In the thought of the moment, I was rewarded a stronger statement.

” To attain pure love, you have to undergo some amount of pain”  -Amma

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