The Android App Project, which was started during the previous Sem vacation, is nearing its completion. I thought of posting about how it has changed my perspective about friends, college and the life at large.

The project faced many obstacles throughout the span of last 2 and half months. Starting with some nagging health problems, technical problems, and few experiences that made me think about friends at a much deeper level. I opted for this project out of my interest towards making mobile applications that would touch more people than any other apps could (most probably). Thats when I came across the Android Developer Challenge 2. I was convinced that I could do this, if I put in effort, energy and hard work. My confidence level was good enough for me to jump start this project (During the vacation I had been working with OpenSolaris bugs, shell scripting and many other technologies which gave me an added confidence of trying out new things). This time I had a company (who later turned out to be really helpful, as I never expected).

It took us some time (about a month) to get used to the project development environment. We practised the tutorials (as provided in the Android Reference Guide), one step at a time.  The learning curve was smooth enough, for I took ample time to understand the code. And by the end of July, we were in position to decide on our App. We were confused, but after few days we decided to develop a TicTacToe game for Android (the Android marketplace is still dormant and suffering from the un-availability of quality apps). We set up the deadlines (which got extended on a weekily basis, owing to some reason or the other). It was towards the end of the project that I found myself in a deep trouble. The App was half-completed, and I was taking life seriously (may be a bit too seriously :) ). This is the time when my friends came to my rescue. Some of ’em from my class and one of my seniors. My roommates, with whom I feel a great sense of belongingness, and four of  my classmates (nowadays, I spent most of my time with ’em), helped me a lot during that time. I talked to them (almost nagging them, at times), about this, and fortunately they offered true help. This is the time when I realized that, if you have someone with whom you could talk to (and just talking is enough), it makes your life easier.

After few days (of dumb thinking, and serious introspection), I re-started my project. This time I had great (truely superb) support from my Project Partner. I took charge of completing the Coding part, the AI and few other game related stuffs, and my partner was in charge of completing the GUI part of the game. Things went smoothly for few more days. We were almost done with the major Part of the project, and then last Sarturday, while we were sitting in the Lab, the college announced that the college will be closed for 2 weeks, due to spreading of Viral Fever (which was later confirmed in the media as swine flu, with 4 students getting affected). I was happy, as I could go home after almost a month, but on the other side, our project completion was at stake. I took all the materials (half-completed work) from ARL, and went home.

Now, as I am completing this post, I take a look at the amount of support and challenge the college gave me. This project, has somehow helped me find my true friends, change my always serious attitude to essentially-serious attitude, and most importantly, I got to know some of the best people around me.