Confused eh? Don’t be. “X and O’s”, thats our application name (the only one we could have common consensus on!!).

Finally, after the submission to ADC 2, we provide you with the downloadable version of our program. This will be useful only if you have an Phone running on Android, or want to try it out in your Android Emulator.

Click here to Download the .apk file from the project website.

And, as promised earlier, the actual screenshots (in a not so clumsy arrangement).


The Application is a product of contributions from my friends Shilpa (code contrib.) and Giri (User Interface Contrib). It took us about a month to learn using the Android SDK sufficiently wel, and another week or so (in between our busy class schedule) to decide on the application. We worked on it for about 15 days (and the last 10 days especially !!). The game AI was the most challenging part, though it had nothing to with the SDK. And towards the end, the SDK proved to of great use. Eclipse is a great tool to build your projects in, especially with Android SDK. It gives you greater freedom while debugging (that helped us a lot).

I choose to participate in this contest to get to know about a new Technology, to get a hands-on experience with doing projects, managing multiple works and integrating it. As most of our time will be spent on learning more (and new) technologies, we have decided to make our project Open Source.

The project is hosted at

– More people, more Ideas and  better Application.

So, if you want to try your hands (and make it muddy) at our project, you are always welcome.