Swaping Function Keys and Multimedia Keys

I use a Dell Studio 1555. One thing I really hated about my lap is the Multimedia Keys. The Function Keys are give secondary importance, comparted to the Multimedia Keys. So, if you want to close this window, then you have to extend three of your fingers, in four different directions (that was typed intentionally to emphasize my anger). Your thumb fixed on Alt, ring finger on function key (The key with “Fn” written on it), and any other finger on “F4” key.

Fortunately, one of my friends gave me the solution for this (I was really stupid and believed that Dell was stupid enough to make such a horrible keyboard layout!!). The solution is as follows :

Enter your BIOS setup (Press F2 during the booting process), and under the tab “Advanced”, select the “Function Key Behavior”.
This option lets you choose between “Multimedia key first” or “Function Key first”. Now select the second option, and be free to use your “F*” keys by default.

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