Gyan – Open Quiz ’09

Our team of volunteers from FOSS club, just came back from the CAD lab, after successfully conducting Gyan-Open Source Quiz ’09.
Gyan is a program initiated by Sun Microsystem, through their portal OSUM (Open Source University Meetup). The quiz had a single online round consisting of 50 questions which needed to be answered in 30 minutes. We had 40 teams registered for the quiz. Each team had two members.

The quiz was aimed at spreading the awareness on FOSS in our campus. The first year students are new to the concept of open source and community based development (Just as I was, when I came to Amrita). So, we thought this was the best opportunity to give them a basic introduction to open source. Before we began the quiz, we gave them an introduction to open source. We also introduced OSUM to the first years, and discussed the amazing opportunities awaiting them.

The quiz began by 5:15pm. The quiz was conducted through AUMS (Amrita University Management System). We could see many of the teams discussing seriously, though there were a few, who comfortably going answered many of the questions.

By the time the quiz ended, we arranged for giving OSUM and open solaris pamphlets and badges for the OSUM members. After the quiz ended, we had a chat with them for some time. This was the best part, getting to know them, their life, their academics, and college life. It was real fun. Lots of smiles, and lots of ‘new’ ideas. We were really happy to see students from the commerce stream attending FOSS quiz.

It was a great experience organizing this quiz. I thank all my friends in foss club, the faculties and the participants for helping us make this awareness quiz a big success. I specially mention sreenath, seshagiri, george, vamsi, arvind, shilpa and arun for all their co-operation and fun filled advertising campaign. This was a great learning experience, as a team leader, as well as in inter personal skill development. GYAN is really useful. So, lets learn together.

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