svn (subversion) through proxies

I am currently working on contributing to Haiku ( Its an exciting community to work with. While I was trying to download the source code of Haiku, which was maintained through a subversion ( system. I was using it for the first time. Subversion (svn) works like this :

When you need to download the code for the first time, you will give the command

svn checkout <url of the subversion> <destination path>, for e.g.
svn checkout haiku/haiku
[ref :]

But, I got the error

svn OPTION : …… couldn’t connect to the server

This was due to a proxy firewall that blocked the svn request. Here’s how you can solve it.
1. Edit the “servers” file. (In ubuntu, it is inside ~/.subversion/ or in Haiku it is inside ~/config/settings/subversion)
2. Add the entries for your http proxy, username and password. (This can be done under the global parameters, or under the different groups given in the “servers” file).

That’s it. You are done configuring your subversion to work through the proxy.


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