First of all, kudos and congrats to the whole team. You have done a superb job, making us feel part of the foss community and giving us opportunity to meet people from all over the world. Now, on to the post.

Why am I starting my post from day 2 of ?? The answer is simple, I didn’t find today’s session (talks) interesting, and today morning, I had a reason to blogpost.

We are staying at the Amrita campus in Bangalore (bangalluru). Every day morning we are picked up from the campus and dropped at NIMHANS convention center. Today, it was special. Our car broke down in the middle of the highway, on a flyover, and we were left with no other choice than to walk all the way to the convention center.

I can tell you, it’s really scary. Buses, cars, bikes and ricks, speeding past us, almost a 5 or 7 inches away from our body. But, the whole idea about walking through the middle of the road, was just amazingly different. And in the middle of our small adventure, we also took the time to record our mad and crazy activities.