The third day of our, was more of touring bangalore city than FOSS. To give you an idea of how to spend time in bangalore, here’s what we did yesterday.

The day 3 of : We saw a movie (2012 – morning show) at PVR, which was pretty cool (not in the literary sense). We had great fun in forum (mall) and then we headed back to the convention center. We attended one talk (I really couldn’t believe I sat there for an hour !!). After posing for few group photos, we then decided to roam around B’lore.

Next destination, Lal Bagh – the beautiful garden situated in the middle of the city. We reached there by 5.30pm. We walked there for another one and half hour. It was amazing, the hot corn, the trees, flowers, glass house and the lake. I was amazed to see how a town could have an amazingly beautiful park in the middle of the hustle and bustle of this enormous city.

Except for the ever waiting traffic jams, I liked Bangalore, for it has managed to attract people from all over India, and evolve into a multi-cultural hub. I could see all sorts of people in the streets. The vibrant ethnicity, the colors, the food and the climate are what gives B’lore a special place in many hearts (which includes my small heart too :) ).