Amrita Kalotsavam is the Ultimate celebration of Art, Music, Dance and everything that is related with the right side of our brain.

This time too, the 2 day festival was organized in our campus. With more than 10 stages to showcase the brimming talents of our campus, Amrita Kalotsavam was, literally, the celebration of life. Events ranging from dance, karaoke, western, classical, instrumental arts to best manager, debates etc… filled the this two day long festival.

For me, personally, this was an enriching experience. Apart from participating in few of the events, I was also part of a organizing a food stall at the main stage to raise fund for an orphanage. This was part of the SSR (Student Social Responsibility) project of our class. It was the first time that I saw the whole class uniting and working for a single cause. It was a fulfilling experience, both at an emotional level as well from the point of view of a student. We worked really hard during those three days – running around, collecting materials, going around the campus selling snacks and drinks – with an immense feeling of zeal.

But then, at the end of the day, the most exciting moments were when we danced and partied together – all 20 or so of my friends – howling screaming, clapping, dancing. A special reference to Kunu-Kunu, our little ‘betti’ of the class can’t be forgotten, for she made the food stall, almost an entertainment stall – with her dancing throughout the events – day and night.

Finally, Amrita Kalotsavam gave us an opportunity to push ourselves, and bond really well. In retrospection, I see it as a cinema – with all hues and cries – but with a great and fulfilling climax; we were able to raise funds which would sponsor atleast 2 children (or even more) for a whole year in school.