Last year, about this time around, I was walking through the Ashram Halls (at Amritapuri) when I noticed an eerie darkness (surprising!!). Then I noticed the Western Canteen lit up with candles all around. I really couldn’t understand the reason, and guessed the reason to be some sort of power shortage that day.

Today, exactly an year after that, I come to realise how important it is for us to be aware of the critical situation we all are in. An accute power shortage haunting the entire country and our state, an almost unprecedented increase in the power consumption (highest ever in our tiny state of Kerala), and fastly receding water levels at all the hydro-power plants. Not surprisingly, the government is forced to take aggressive actions, including increasing the cost of power among many others.

In the midst of all these confusion and raised awareness (read it as “increased TV commercials”), its time for yet another Earth Hour – “EH 2010”.
Now, I understand the cause for which they (the Earth Hour Movement) are putting their earnest efforts. I believe that all of us can contribute, in our own modest ways, towards this cause.

Our modest aim : “To get all my friends in Boys Hostel Block B – to switch off atleast 1 light and 1 fan per room, from 8:30PM to 9:30PM”

Though it appears as a trivial and simple job, I hope that the message gets conveyed to everyone. :)