A better India, A better world – N R Narayana Murthy

This post has been long-delayed due to various reasons, including (but not limited to) my laziness to write posts other than the technical ones. Now I am more or less settled with the new semester in the college, and I am reading an exciting book – “A better India, A better world”. Before I get into the details and my review of this book, I should first of all confess that Mr. Narayana Murthy is one of my role models (just like thousands of young students in this country and abroad). I got to know about Infosys and its founders right from a young age, thanks to the booming IT industry in our country. So, when I bought this book from a street side stall, I never had to ask for anyone’s suggestions/review on this book.

My take
The book is a collection of the speeches he had delivered at various venues (including inauguration and convocation to high-profile lectures) and the articles he had authored in various magazines and newspapers. The book covers a myriad of topics including leadership, higher education, corporate governance, India  etc.

Throughout the book, I was able to perceive his vision for India, and the people of our country. His passion to provide people with opportunities to create wealth and lead a better life is evident in every section. The story of Infosys is, in itself, an evidence of this great vision. In every speech, he has tried to convey his ideas through the time-tested adages at Infosys (which gradually became part of my own daily usage now).

My favorites

The collection of speeches on higher education is one of my favorites from this book. The detailed discussion on the challenges and opportunities that we face / have are described in extensive detail. A lot of work needs to be done in this area, especially in setting up more colleges, schools and enhancing the quality of our system. He gives us great insights into the reality that we are in. All his speeches lays great emphasis on accepting the problems that we are faced with. He correctly states that it is only when we accept the existence of the problem, could we try and improve the situation. As a “compassionate capitalist” he has strong belief in the ability of capitalism in helping people get out of poverty and lead a life of full potential. There is a great deal of emphasis in imbibing the very basic laws of human existence – honesty, sincerity, hard work and humbleness – in order to become a compassionate capitalists.

The book includes reality check on the state of our country as well as providing a vision to our development and the priorities. This is based on sound facts and figures and lot of analysis. He has done a great service to all of us by compiling and presenting this collection. We get inspired by the steps taken in the positive direction. We are also reminded that we have a long path to tread, with honesty, sincerity, hard work and humbleness. I am reminded of the Infosys adage – “the softest pillow is a clear conscience”.

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  1. Some Excerpts from this book in my blog.


    Pls. do check out. You will ever feel worth reading it.

    the one which I have sticked in my cabin.

    What do I expect from the India of 2067, after another sixty years? I want an india where every child will have access to decent education,health care, nutrition and shelter. I want an India where every child belonging to any race, religion and case is confident that there is a bright future for him/her if he/she is honest and hardworking. I want an India which receives respect from every global forum because we will be high performers; we will be peace-loving; we will gracious hosts; we will be fair; we wil be pluralistic and respect every faith; and we will be trustworthy.

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