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The Jan Lokpal Bill drafting generated a wave of awareness among the people of this country. It has, since, catalyzed a whole movement of people, rallying behind one of the “history creating” legislations in the corruption tainted present of our nation. Plagued with the scandals ranging from Adarsh Housing Society, Reddy Mining, weapon purchase to cash-for-vote and 2G, our country is witnessing a new low in public looting by the politicians, judges and the bureaucracy. Far away from the political rhetoric of curbing corruption, we have gone a long way in enabling a mass movement led by the people, supported by millions of Indians.

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The current movement could be attributed to the “giga-sized” 2G scam which served as a catalyst, but has its root in the decade old movement started by Anna Hazare, Swami Agnivesh, Baba Ramdev, Sri Sri Ravishankar among many others. India Against Corruption is the result of the efforts of all these brave men. Now, after months of consultations and deliberations, finally the bill is about to be send to the Cabinet. The bill that will be introduced in the Parliament will  have to be one with tooth and claws and not a weak one. This is the background in which I am writing this to everyone.

Anna Hazare and many others have decided to fast unto death from August 16th if a strong bill is not introduced in the Parliament. The points of debate and difference between the civil society members and the government representatives have been on the following points. [ An illustration taken from is given on the left side ]

A very well managed, autonomous, and responsible institution is what we need. And our country has lots of examples also – RBI, Delhi Metro to name a few. All of them have become symbols of quality, transparency and accountability. So, it is not institutional structure that would be impractical, but a political will that is the lacking from all sides.

A public discussion on all of the issues would help generate awareness among the people and help us to see the ulterior  motives of the political class who have constantly tried to take the authority off the Lokpal. It is a fact that no one will be ready to write a self addressed death letter and hence we can foretell that the parliament will see a weakened bill, that for all practical purposes will become another instrument in the hands of the government to blackmail and trade votes. In this context, it will become imperative for a mass movement to pressurize all political parties. This will send a strong signal, that the vote banks of the country are not mere spectators to the willful acts of sin, rather a strong and vigilant billion.

It also becomes our duty to be participants of this movement – a duty which is higher and significant than the primary duty to cast one’s vote. The latter may not seem effective in the present day – as muscle, money and media have become the foundation for electoral success. Our hope for a better tomorrow lies only on the effectiveness of our voices being hurled at the closed minds of powerful.

As a first step, we could all voice our support to the India Against Corruption movement by giving MISCAL to 022-6155-0789. This will register our support to this movement. Then we could read and understand about the bill and try to form opinions on the arguments that have become the central points of difference between the government and people. If you could lend some of your time and energy then you could register with the IAC and become the point of contact in your locality. Also, I have downloaded some of the publicity materials and is spreading the word among the locality / friends.

This is a very rare opportunity for all Indians out there – young and old – to be part of a movement that will, perhaps, define the future our children would live in. It is a choice, a choice between – all the more seen and experienced corruption drenched society OR a hopeful future which will see less of 2G’s and looting of our nation. It is a choice, a choice between – whether we should sit quietly at home today and then let our children suffer tomorrow OR talk, discuss and spread the word within our friends, family and locality (and an ever increasing online world) about the need for a very strong Lokpal Bill which will deter more Rajas and Ratni’s from looting our land. I have made the choice and urge you to consider voicing your opinion as well. Every small shout will count !


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