SAP Labs hires me !!

Last week, some of us had attended the placement process for SAP Labs India.

To give you an idea of the company, SAP Labs India is one of their four Labs world over (others being in Germany, US and Israel). More about the company could be found here.

The selection process included 3 rounds. First an aptitude quiz, second Technical interview and finally an HR round. I am sharing with you my experience attending this process.

The first round was an online quiz which had three sections – verbal, logical reasoning and technical. Th first two sections are on the usual lines, while the technical round had further sub-divisions such as OS, OOP, DBMS etc. The key to getting through this round is time management. We had about 95 questions to be answered in about 90 minutes (each section was separately timed). The technical questions required understanding of the whole concepts. For example there were questions based on a large relational database schema. The key to answering these questions were to use common sense rather than working out the whole problem. I found the section on DBMS especially difficult, since I couldn’t brush up my basics on that topic. All those who are aspiring to get into some of the top companies – Google, Microsoft, SAP, etc.. – brush up your basics before you go for the selection process.

After clearing the first round, we had Technical Interview round. Since, the results had come by 7pm, they wanted to interview atleast 4 people the same day. I volunteered to be one of them, and as luck would have it, all 4 of us got selected. I am detailing on the contents of the interview (it could be a bit dry to read, but worthwhile). The following is an explanation of how I faced the interview. Well, everyone does it differently and would have different experience and insight about the same. This is to give you a broad idea about how the interview would be and what according to my experience was the key to give your best.

The interviewer was extremely helpful and caring. I was a bit tensed when my chance had come. After the initial introduction, we straight away went to the technical part. He started out with asking me about the difference between C and C++ and the OOP concepts. I explained each of the concepts with real world examples and sample codes. Then, the difference between compile time and runtime polymorphism was to be explained. Though I had a vague picture about both, I did not have a deep understanding about the both. So, I asked for some time to recollect, and then I wrote some sample codes on sheets of paper. Then I got a better understanding so that I could explain to him. He went in depth on that. We spent almost 20 mins on various OOP concepts. The key to succeed in this round (according to my experience) is to remain open, continuously speak to him about what you are doing (think aloud), tell him if you are getting stuck, clearly state your understanding. He wasn’t expecting us to recollect everything, but we should be able to work through the problem.

After the initial part, he was concentrating more on the data structures. He asked me which is my favourite data structure. I was caught unexpected. I hadn’t ever thought that I would be aksed such a question. Well, then I told him that DS is only a tool which aids in solving a problem. Then I thought for a while and then told that Queue is my favourite since I had worked with it in my TCP layer implementation project. He asked me few questions based on queues. He then went on to ask me about link lists. After few basic question regarding the structure of LL, he asked me to explain how to reverse an LL. Well, I couldn’t recollect any direct solutions to this problem. Then I asked him for some time to work out. Then I started with using 2 pointers (current and next). I tried the reversal starting from head and then tail, both of which wasn’t working. I was at a road block – couldn’t proceed. So, I told him about this and then he suggested I use 3 pointer (prev, curr, next) to solve the same problem. I started with it, and soon found out that my solution lay in using 3 pointers. I worked it out on a scratch pad and then wrote the algo for it. It took another 20 mins solving this.

The later part of the interview was based on DBMS (relations, cardinality, keys). He didn’t venture into normalization of relations. The last part was a puzzle. The question was to create 4 equilateral triangles using 6 match equal match sticks (without breaking or overlapping). I worked on it for sometime on a paper. I showed him all the possibilities on a paper, but none of them could have 4 triangles. I tried for some more time, and then left it there. Yes, that was it. My 1 hour tech interview was over, finally. It was about 9.30pm by the time it got over.

When I look back, few things that could have made it easier for me would be – to brush up all the basic concepts right before you go for the interview. Well, don’t get muddied up reading about a lot of technology. They are looking for your basics, you attitude (openness, communication and articulation of ideas) and how well you cope up with the interview. My mantra was – “be yourself”.

The HR round was on the next day morning. This time, I was much more relaxed after the previous night’s tech interview. There are some interesting points that I would like to share with you from my experience. The HR round started of with an intro about my blog (yes, you read it correctly – blog). I explained about what all things I blog on – technical, social and reviews, why do I blog and my opinion and views on the social issues. It was a long discussion on my personal views on a variety of topics – corruption, FOSS and ABC. I never expected such a lengthy discussion on my blog during an interview. He also asked me why I am excited about FOSS and the reason why I am still contributing to the FOSS community. Later, they wanted to know about my cultural and extra-curricular activities. We discussed a lot on them. I shared my experiences with ABC (Amala Bharatam Campaign), Amrita Sanjeevani (stalls, fund raising), Amma’s Birthday (plate washing, managing crowd), CIR SSR project and the FOSS club. Here, I shared my learning on managing groups and being part of a large group. They asked me questions about my weaknesses (again, something that you should always be prepared to answer). I took me sometime to think about it and then I told them about how I have learned to work in a group, thanks to the FOSS club in our campus. The last part of the HR round was mostly based on my outlook towards career. They wanted me to analyze and find out which role would be best suited for me – a single handed worker or a small groups person or a manager of a large number of people. My strength was more on “a small groups person”. After our initial training in SAP, we have the freedom to select between these three groups – according to our strengths.

This interview gave me a first hand experience about what they expect from us. To sum it up, they are expecting students to be strong on the basics, open to ideas, a good team player, good communication and articulation skills (most of which I developed after coming to Amrita). Two of my friends also got into SAP Labs along with me – Shilpa and Chandni. After our selection, we had a company dinner the same day, which we enjoyed to the last bit. All of us are extremely happy to get into SAP Labs.

I haven’t gone in detail about how I approached the problems and my thought process. So, please feel free to ask any question regarding the interview process.

– Article written by Rahul Krishnan

Update: I did not join SAP Labs since I wanted to pursue my graduate and doctoral studies. Currently I am a doctoral student doing research in multimedia and wireless networks at the Amrita Center for Wireless Networks and Applications in Amrita University.

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  1. Hey firstly congrats for being selected in SAP Labs :) I have my SAP interview on 8th of this pretty tensed i am..i wanted to ask you one thing that whether they asked you or any of your friends questions related to unix shell scripting ? Also i am a bit weak on it would be a great help if you kindly post the qns they asked you on DBMS!

    1. Hi Agniswar,
      Thanks for your wishes.. :) and all the best for your interview as well.
      Well, as far as I have got the info from my friends here, they haven’t asked anything related to shell scripting.
      But, if you have done something considerable with that, then it would be good if you could prepare for it and then go.

      And DBMS is one of the most important topics that they would ask you about. It is ohk if you are currently weak at it, well..
      you have time to prepare for it. Brush up your basics – relational DB, difference between RDBMS and other DBMS, question
      regarding ER diagram, cardinality, degree are all commonly asked. Also, be sure to brush up the normalization till 4NF.
      That would prepare you to face most of the questions, hopefully. Stick on to the basics :)
      All the best anyways :)

      1. Hi Rahulkrishnan garu

        how to apply for jobs in sap labs i am sap abap certified fresher plz give me some suggestions.

      2. Sir I have April 2nd 2016,I from am “EEE” branch,can u please kindly suggest me what a EEE fresher should be brushed up before attending an interview conducted by SAP

      3. Sir ,I am from “EEE” branch .I have my interview for SAP on april 2nd ,can u please suggest me what EEE fresher should be concentrated and brushed up before attending this interview

      4. I have April 2nd 2016,I from am “EEE” branch,can u please kindly suggest me what a EEE fresher should be brushed up before attending an interview conducted by SAP

    2. This blog is awesome! many congratulations to Rahul. Hi Agniswar! even i have my SAP recruitment drive on 15th of November. I am not worried on my technical and HR part but the main thing which always make me tensed is the written part. I feel i am weak in aptitude and verbal skills. i do lot of practice but again i cannot cross this hurdle.i already missed a company and i don’t want to loose this opportunity,so please do post in detail about what portion they are concentrating so that i practice those sections to my best! and in verbal too are they concentrating on analogies or idioms or some other related domain? Please do reply. many thanx and all the very best for your placement drive.

  2. Congrats :) . I was selected to SAP LABS as well from campus (PESIT, Bangalore) last month. The following was my selection procedure:

    Round 1 ..
    The first round was an online round(consisting of aptitude, verbal and technical sections) like u mentioned. It was organised by Gild. I found the verbal and aptitude questions to be quiet easy. However the technical round was a little difficult and not straightforward. The questions I got were majorly from Databases (mainly normalization and integrity constraints related) , Object Oriented Modelling , OOP Concepts, C programming(pointers) and Data Structures. The questions required strong conceptual understanding to solve. Also time management was key in solving the questions.

    Round 2..
    This was a tech interview. I was asked 1 puzzle and the remaining were technical questions.
    A boy goes to his grandmom’s house. There he either does yoga in the morning / plays tennis in the evening / does neither. However he does not do both on the same day. We know that 22 days he did either 1 activity. 24 mornings he did nothing. 12 evenings he did nothing. How many min days did he stay there to have done this?
    Tech Questions: (the ones i remember)
    What are the various software design patterns , Explain the OSI model with functions of each layer , what is page faults and thrashing , explain all the normal forms and demonstrate 3NF and BCNF normalisation with a sample database , explain heapsort . I was also asked to talk about the projects I had done.

    Round 3..
    This was the HR round.
    My hr interview was conducted by a technical person (I think a technical lead). He asked me to talk about myself. He then asked me why I wanted to join SAP LABS and where I saw myself in 5 years from now. Then he asked me about my final project. I said it was on Data mining. Then he asked me 2 Qs on data mining: what is clustering and what is association analysis. Thereafter he asked me to write a function to reverse words of a string in place using a programming language of my choice (I used C)..
    I/P to the function: India is my country
    O/P : aidnI si ym yrtnuoc

    Results were announced after all the HR interviews were done and I had been selected :) . They selected a total of 12 people from PESIT.

  3. Hi RK,

    Congratulations on being a part of SAP labs India!
    I am Sowmya from Bangalore.
    I attended the interview at SAP held on 21 Nov 2011.
    There was no aptitude round,I was directly scheduled for the tech interview.
    The profile was for ABAP developer,so they initially asked me OOPs concepts and jumped to java,I am a C++ person so requested them to ask me C++ questions but tried answering JAVA too.
    I was asked to design tables for a LIBRARY MGMT SYSTEM which I feel I did good.
    Next they asked me sm DBMS questions which as you mentioned in your case I had to recollect but could manage somehow..
    They called in a C++ person to ask me C++ questions which I answered confidently(inheritance,passing by ref and value).
    Now I’m confused as to if I am through or not because they asked me to wait at the coffee room for the next round and then asked me to have lunch since it was about that time.
    While I had my lunch I received a call asking me to get back.
    I did and waited for sometime.The coordinator came up to me and said that the HR will get back to me and I can leave for the day.
    I have not received any updates on it yet how long do you think they might take to let me know the results.Should I call them up after a day or two?

    Awaiting your reply..

    Thanks and Regards,

    1. Hi Sowmya,

      Great to read about your experience. I would suggest you could contact them in about 2 days to find out what the status is.
      Anyways, all the best with everything in your life.

  4. Hi Brother. I have also attended SAP Labs on 19th January 2012 . I attended all the Rounds. After HR Round, HR told me ” You can leave now. We have seen many of them today. We will discuss and contact you”. The Question is when can i expect the results to be Announced. please help me in this Regard.

    1. Hi Dharan,

      Great to know that you went till the HR round. Well, I don’t know when they would announce the result after that.!! For us it was almost the same day.
      Anyways, all the best!! Have a great time.

  5. Hi Rahul,

    I am hired for gurgoan location for abap, can you please tell me if there are any opening in bangalore location for the same.

  6. Hi Rahul..

    This is Shiva from Chennai. I have got placed in SAP labs through direct recruitment on Jan 12th,2012.. This article helped me a lot for my interview preparation.. Thank you so much :) :) :)

  7. Hi Rahul,
    This is Madhumanti from Kolkata.Actually got the news of from The Times Of India n applied to it..Can u please let me know when will I get to know whether my CV has been shortlisted or not?
    Thank You.. N Congrats!!!! u got da job in Sap Labs.

  8. hey..i got selected in SAP…had online aptitude on 8th of this month of 35 min on had general apti,tech apti,DB and flowchart..then had technical interview at SAP campus on 28th..of this lasted for 50 mins..questions were on c,c++,data structures,data base…5 cleared out of 15…it was combined with HR as well…good experience:)

      1. they said 3L for 2 yrs…n MS wid BITS..n after two yrs it depends on the market scenario:)wats d package offered 2 u guys??n whn’s ur joining date??

    1. hi preeti,
      first of all congrats :) can u plz guide me on which book i can refer to for getting through aptitude of scholar@sap program

      1. Hey kavya. R s agarwal would be good for aptitude. As there are sections in the test , knowledge about database and flowcharts would be useful as well. All the best for it.

    2. hey:)…i cleared the apti round of sap…tech is yet to be done..kindly give some tips on crackin the tech interview as im frm ECE..its for scholar@sap program…since u hav already started with the program..kindly share ur r u ablr to manage bth work n MS?..n does the MS has any worth?..n on what basis r we retained in sap after 2 years of MS?

    3. hey:)…i cleared the apti round of sap…tech is yet to be done..kindly give some tips on crackin the tech interview as im frm ECE..its for scholar@sap program…since u hav already started with the program..kindly share ur r u ablr to manage bth work n MS?..n does the MS has any worth?..n on what basis r we retained in sap after 2 years of MS?

    4. hi..
      can you plz help me to prepare for scholar@sap ,i am ece student and i want to the exact process of selection . what exactly online test consists of and on what area i have to concentrate to be selected.what are the topics to be covered in general apti and tech apti,db and flowchart and technical interview as well.
      when can i expect the reply for posted resume for 2013 batch

  9. @preeti : Our offer is without M.S . Package is 6.5L p.a (I think it will be hiked to a lil more before us joining). Our offer letters will be coming in next week apparently. So I still am not sure of the joining date.

      1. @ preeti: hi preeti, even mine s f scholar@sap program wit ms package..n d joing date s on aug 1st.. so whn s urz

  10. Hi Rahul.. do u know what is the recruiting process for experienced guy…? if not could u pls get help from other persons in ur company and update me …

    1. Hi Shiva.. I got no clue about that!! I haven’t joined yet, so don’t have any idea about that. :)
      I could contact someone there and then mail you..

      1. hi rahul,, v have an online test of sap labs in our college on 25th n it s of only 35mins itsmz.. so can u plz say me sumthng on which i can hav glance at dis moment concernd to apti n technical… plz if u can mail it 2 my id

      2. Hi divya.. oops.. I was away for a while and just noticed your comments now. Sorry for the late and not-so-useful reply.
        Hope your exams went well!!

  11. hi rahul,, n thanx ya u replied ;).. never the late.. n yah i cleared 1st rd of apti,, nxt is technical rd in blore sap campus,, so if u can tel me sumthng wich i shud go thru,, n s i hav gone thru ur blog,, anythn apart 4m dat,, if u can mail me plz

    1. Hi Gagan.. This blog post is only my experience and then there are quite a few of others who have shared theirs as well. So, it is only worth reading it and then making your own plans on how you want to prepare for it. The major areas that you need to concentrate is on the basics. That would be really helpful.

  12. hi RK
    I’m from HYDERABAD
    First of all I’d like to say congrats for getting an opportunity in SAP LABS
    Recently MAGNA company came to our college for a drive on SAP LABS and ACCENTURE ,they conducted JAM,GD,written test. I cleared all the rounds and they told me that you got selected to the final round for SAP LABS after getting original certificates of your academics.
    So Please can you give me a advice for attending the interview in SAP LABS

    1. Hi Krishna.. That’s very nice to hear!! I am not sure how this is going to work out. But my best suggestion would be to prepare your basics very well before the interview. Brush up the concepts and you should be ready. This post (and the comments by many others) would give you an idea about how the interview would be. Other than that all you need to do is prepare well.

      Best wishes!!

  13. hi rahul and krishna . Iam Shylesh from Hyderabad I have attended drive of SAP LABS through MAGNA company on May 6th in ananthapur. I have cleared the written test and Group discussion held there and they said that they will call me back with in a week for the final rounds that will be held at Banglore.But I did’nt recieved call from them can I believe them

    1. Hi Shylesh.. Good to know that you have cleared the initial rounds. Well, I don’t know about MAGNA company which conducts the initial rounds. If you have got any doubts about the validity of their tests you could directly contact the HR at SAP Labs and get a clear picture. You should be able to find the contact from their website.

    2. hey dude MAGNA came to our college for placement drives and they told to attend our company after getting original certificates,I think you went to Anantapur GATES college for getting this opportunity if possible send request to my facebook (’ll discuss over there bye ..

  14. hiii Rahul
    hey i got selected in SAP labs Bangalore..!! i am waiting for a confirmation mail from them ……can you tell me how long i should wait ?? coz i got offer letter from Wipro also and they want me to sign a bond but i m waiting for SAP confirmation …!!
    do you think i should call them ???
    what to do ??
    Awaiting your reply..

    Thanks and Regards,

  15. HAI rahul,
    this is UMESH from hyderabad,congrats being into SAP LABS. and
    as ur blogs seems to be a very greatfully information to get into the SAP LABS. ,i am doing my certification in ABAP module .i have a interview on july 1st week in SAP LABS.can u tell me how to work out to get into the SAP LABS(MY DREAM COMPANY )..AND and .. and what r subjects i have to cover .basically i am recently passed OUT candiate ( CSE).

    plz let me know detaily ..ABOUT SUBJECTS WHICH I NEED TO STUDY..



    1. Hi Umesh,

      Thanks to all those who read this post and commented on their experience on the selection process. You would get a slight idea about how the interview process would be. But each one’s interview experience would be different for sure. So, as many have said in their comments and from my experience, I suggest that you brush up your basics – like data structures, algos, dbms. Be ready to write codes to explain all the OOP concepts. Well, that’s the best I could suggest. And keep cool during interview. All izz well!! :) All the best. cheers!!

      1. hey Rahul ,this is umesh from Hyderabad can i have the information on interview process on sap labs for the certified candidates .. and which topics we have to cover more.. i got the info on puzzles . r else should i focus any other topics … waiting for the reply man …

      2. Hi Umesh.. I don’t have any clue about how it happens for a certified professional!! This post gives a good idea about the kind of questions, and the approach that many people used. So, this could be considered as a guide to how the interview would be – but ofcourse it will differ a great deal from person to person.

      3. HAI rahul , as u said that no idea on certified people interview process,can u ask ur folks OR people who is certified ,and presently working in sap labs .

        just i want information . so that i can focus on things for the interview process dude ..
        :) :)

  16. hey rahul congrats!!! dis is a on-campus placement rite? Vich college r u 4m? N do u hav any idea abt off campus SAP Labs exam? i want to attend d exam it dis year..i’m a final year student in Hyderabad

    1. Hi Meghana. Yes this is an on campus one. I am not sure about the off campus one. May be someone who has commented to this post knows, but I got no idea about that. Anyways all the best!!

  17. hii Rahul
    i got selected in SAP labs Bangalore ,can you tell me SAP labs provides any accomodation for trainees ?

    Awaiting your reply..

    Thanks and Regards,

    1. hii mayank
      im 2013 passout and i have applied for scholar@sap but till now i didnt get any reply can you tell me when will i be informed about about shortlist of resumes and can you plz guide me to get through the rounds
      like what are the topics to be covered in aptitude and what are the things asked in online test like do they ask verbal and technical if they what are the topics to be covered and plz tell me how to crack hr come technical round plz do rply me this is my dream company and i am from ece

      1. hi mayank
        did you got my resume ,i mailed u and can you please inform me when will the shortlisted persons will be informed for scholar@sap .i am eagerly waiting for that


    “Days of HARDWORK, burning the midnight oil and hardcore perseverance leads me to bask in the glory of being called what is known as a ” CERTIFIED SAP CONSULANT “. Raped the exam’s happiness and TOPPED it with 85% marks. There can be nothing more that I want from my life. I finally feel I have done justice to myself and the field, however, this is just the start. Tooo fucking happy today! [:D] [:D]

    4607/60=76 HOURS f***! awesome …finally my status can be changed to “UMESH SAP CERTIFIED SAP CONSULANT” ..yooo.

    … I just cant express this overwhelming feeling. It’s just not ME, but my PARENTS, and my SUPPORTER , SIBBLINGS and FREINDS who’ve constantly guided, supported and encouraged me through this great successes …

    thanku every one for THIS … :) :) “

  19. hi,iam having sap labs interview on 8th aug 2012.can anyone give me info on how to get through interview and rest of the process??
    wts the pattern for 2012 recruitment??

  20. hi, abhi i too have interview on aug 8 ,2012 ….and pattern for recruitment would be 4 rounds including written xam ….and i am really worried about technical part of written xam because i am from electronics &communications branch we don’t have DBMS in our academic curriculum….and many are saying that DBMS is of vital importance in written xam ….so how could i can clear that .and i am pretty good at C&ds and java…AND with EC background can I crack the interview….

  21. I have an interview with SAP India .. for one ‘Global Graduate Program’ on 7th August .. Just wanted to know if the work environment at SAP India is as good as SAP Labs India? and does anybody have any idea about this program ??

  22. Congratulations to you!!!

    Thanx a lot for your this blog i am able to find the right direction for my placement preparation.
    I would like you to share some more guidelines for a fresher to face an interview.
    Thank You!

      1. I’m Honey…
        i have applied for sap by referral “SAP Employee Referral Drive | 2015 Batch | Last Date 5 Feb 2016 | Across India”

        Please tell me on which month or date they can call me for interview and what will be the selection process. Please someone tell. I’m tensed…

  23. hey congrats….will u plz help me out..SAP is visiting in my campus in will u plz tell me abt d tech section in written what should i have to study..

    1. Hi Vrishali,

      You could go through this blog post, and many others available online. That would give you an idea about the broad areas that would be covered during the interview. The basic advice, as always, stick to your basics!!

  24. Hi I’ve recently given an interview for SAP GDC for global graduate program. Can you please give me acfew details about the program pay and the facilities? Thank you

  25. Hi brother i am from amrita. sap labs may come on 28th of this month. i have some doubts like do we hav to write the complete code and code should be fully correct??? and if we dont know the code but if i can explain the concept correctly is it enough???what are the main subjects they are going to ask???do i hav to study networks and os also??if u can reply it would be great help to me…….thank u in advance

    1. Hi Jayanth,

      Answering your questions:
      1. Yes. You will need to convince them that you know the concepts. And writing a piece of code is the best way to show them. The interviewer also expects that if you are able to put your concept to code, then you have better understood the concept.

      2. As mentioned in the post (and many others have shared in the comments) – they are going to ask you very basic questions. Usually OS and Comp Network concepts are not asked, except for some basic concepts.

      Be strong in you algos, OOPs (very very important) – be ready to write code and explain using real world examples.

  26. HEy There man awesome work with your blog!!
    now i have a vague idea to study abt sap!!
    Dude Abt the first round are there any sectional cut offs
    i am bad at verbal man…And Apti was it formulae based?
    and fr technical i am preparing dbms and c++ c output based that would be enuff??

    1. Hi Sugeerth,

      I don’t know how their cut offs work. There could be sectional cut offs – since it makes sense. Verbal wouldn’t be that difficult. Aptitude test was more of application level questions. And some maths ofcourse.

  27. hi brother,,,,i am also from amrita… labs is expected to come to our campus shortly say 3 days… the template provided i saw an extra round called managment round….can u please help me on that [ i meant what is actually expected in this round ]…..please reply soon….thanks a lot for the experience u have shared in this blog and thank u in advance …………..

    1. Hi Krishnan,

      Great to know that you attending the SAP test. I don’t remember having such a round – so, I will be unable to help you with that. Rest of the things, you could prepare based on the inputs that all of us have shared here.

  28. Hi,
    I recently attended a technical interview in SAP labs for the post of Java support.
    My technical interview was purely based on Java.
    I made it through the round and have been asked to attend the managerial interview on wednesday, 3rd oct.

    I would be glad if you could guide me on the questions that would be asked in the managerial round.

    Thanks and Regards,

    1. hey FouZia
      i am mukul.I am having a technical interview for Java support in Sap Bangalore after 4 days….can u plz share your experience with me..n i got this opportunity through magna infotech..plz rply

  29. Hi,

    I’ve attended a technical round in SAP labs for the post of Java support .

    The technical round was purely on Java.

    I have managed to get through the round and have been informed to attend the managerial interview on 3rd October.

    I would be glad if you could guide me on the possible questions asked in the managerial round.

    Thanks and Regards’

    Fouzia Noorain A

    1. Hi Fouziya,

      If the Managerial round is something related to the HR round, then you should be ready to face questions about your career plans, strengths / weaknesses etc..

    2. hey FouZia
      i am mukul.I am having a technical interview for Java support in Sap Bangalore after 4 days….can u plz share your experience with me..n i got this opportunity through magna infotech..plz rply

  30. hey rahul!!!….sap had visited my col..and i cleared the apti is yet to be done….the offer is MS program with monthly the end of 2 yrz..i get a scholar experience nt work experience…is it worth?

    1. Hi Arennik,

      I was not selected for this particular offer. For me it was a full job offer. But some the friends who have read this post has already commented on it.

  31. sap had visited our campus on aug 18th…im one amongst the three students who cleared the apti round attended by 103 students…its been almost 2 months…but havent recevied a call for the interview yet…what am i supposed to infer?

    1. Hi,

      For us it was oncampus recruitment. For off campus, you should try applying through their website itself. Anyone else who got from outside please reply.

  32. Im SAP ABAP Certified with 76% , B.Tech grad in CSE . Is there any opportunity for me @SAP Labs. if so how can I proceed ? please do revert to my mail ID.

    Thanks & Regards.

    1. Hi Pramod, You seem to be having a good chance. Unfortunately, I am not in SAP Labs now. (I am now pursuing my PhD in Amrita University – and so I did not take SAP offer). Many of our friends, who posted here might know about such opportunities.

  33. Dear all , If any opportunities available please help me out . Im 2012 passed grad , certified in ABAP,Fresher . Any opportunity @SAP or any way to approach . please do let me know. @rahul thanks for the advice :)

      1. This post will help you to understand the basic methods on how to prepare for the interview. Rule of the thumb is – be strong in your fundamentals.

  34. congrats rahul sir….i just read your blog…thanks for sharing this.
    sir actually i have to appear for saplab n m quite sound in technical bt m worrying abt the aptitude. sir plz suggest me from where i shud prepare for it to be able to crack first level…..

      1. ok thanks sir but, is thr any source from where i can get a brief idea for preparation at saplab level tests….

  35. Hi brother this is Hari from tirupati recently i cleared the written test and i have a technical telephonic interview in this month can say how it will be??? and what type of questions can i expect from them?

  36. hi bro…. congrats for gettin into sap … i am from enc department i have been called for direct interview for technical for being a finalist of their competition so I dont have much idea about dbms , DS, SQL etc as i am frm enc… so wat can I expect in my interview. Will I be just tested on managerial and other skills ? …

    thank you …..

  37. hello sir,
    this is pratistha.. a fresher in IT , and i went for the SAP LABS recruitment held in MAGNA INFO TECH ..and i got selected for the last round to be held in sap campus according to them.. they told me to wait for a week for interview date confirmation.. if anyone has any information regarding this process please let me know..

  38. hi,
    I m shortlisted for java support profile in Sap Labs Bangalore through Magna infotech…can you please clear me about the it a calling based profile or a tech support or i’l work on java(not development)…

    1. Hey Anaina,
      Did you join the company and what kind of profile is it?
      I have also been selected as tech support eng. through Magna Infotech. Just wanted to know the overall view.

    2. Hi, I got a call from magna infotech .. They say its for QA role for sap labs and package is 2.4 lpa .. I don’t know whether they are fake or not . what was your experience

  39. hello rahul,
    thank u for sharing ur experience with us, but can u tell me some more details from where did you study for tech part,any specific links , sap is coming on monday in our college…so please help asap.

    1. Hi Prachi,

      Well, most of the basics were studied from the class itself. Ofcourse it would be good to refer to any basic text on OOP, DBMS etc…
      Be thorough with the basics – as often repeated in the post!!

  40. Hi,
    How long does it take for SAP Labs to send the offer letter etc. There are a few things I would like to know about the Co. but for obvious reasons would not like to post them on a public platform. Could you please email me.

    1. For me they took about 4 months for a pdf to be send. And then the final offer letter would be send only about 2 weeks before the joining date. You could mail me at pprahul (at) (gmail) (dot) com

  41. hey guys im rakesh……i want to know how to apply for SAP LABS…..will there be any walkins or will candidates get selected only through oncampus.i want the detailed procedure pls help me.

  42. Hello Rahul,
    greetings and thanks for such a good blog.
    I needed to know something urgently .Does SAP lab hire through Magna Infotech Bangalore and does it cause any problem.. Pls reply soon.

    1. Hi Prem,

      Currently, I am not working in SAP labs, and hence I don’t have a way to help you with this. I would suggest that you contact the HR in SAP Labs Bangaluru to get a clarification.

  43. Hi Rahul,

    I have done with all the three rounds including written,technical and HR. Now i am waiting for the telephonic interview. can you please tell me what kind of questions are asked in telephonic round?

  44. Hi Rahul,

    Firstly, I congragulate you for making it to SAP Labs, which is a top notch company. Well ! I am an MBA graduate from Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal. I have got to know about the opening at SAP Labs for Presales Associate position. I am keen interested to work for SAP Labs. Therfore, I want to know their interview process and the cut off for presales associate. Please do let me know more about Presales Asscoaiate.

    1. Hi Mith,

      Good to know that you are aiming to get into SAP. I don’t have an experience with the process for Presales associate interview.
      So, I wouldn’t be able to help you with this.

  45. just got hired by sap labs bangalore(fresher)..any idea about the exact pay approx what part of the 5.75 CTC do we end up with in-hand?thanks

    1. hi abhishek. many congrats :) actualy I have been referred by an SAP employee and waiting for my interview call. So just wished to know some things. Can you please let me know when exactly was your interview and was it through emoployee referral. It would be helpful if you can also provide me with a brief insight about the interview

      1. idea about employee referrals..i am a campus hire..we had an aptitude test..followed by 4 interview rounds..tech1,tech2,management and HR interview rounds are self round is about ur understanding regarding business and brand awareness, and the hr interview is all about being of luck!

  46. Hi Rahul ,
    Sap labs is visiting my college for selecting students for their sap scholar program wherein which in the first two years we need to study for M.S(correspondance BITS pilani) .. i wanted to ask if u were inducted into the same and if so what is the package offered at the end of 2 years ..

    Thank you
    Waiting for ur response

    P.S : good job with the blog :)

  47. Hello

    SAP labs is coming in our college on 4th. and i got a mail from our college about the process.But only 1 round is written in the process i.e online aptitude test. so i want to ask u ….Is their any possibility that remaining rounds wouldn’t be on the same day….please reply
    because i have less time and i need to brush up everything and tell me the questions in online test would be same for everyone or they would give different sets???

  48. Hi everyone! Rahul.. Many congratulations to you and to all those who are into SAP labs. I am already placed into VIRTUSA and CAPITAL IQ, but my dream is to be placed in SAP labs.. our TPO said it will be visiting our college somewhere around feb and its of a regular one wherein the salary package is 7 lpa with no MS. I decided to start my preparation from now itself. So please i would request you to guide me coz i am a bit low on programming side and very fascinated by QA domain,so just brush up few subjects i need to be perfect in coz i dnt want to miss this opportunity! Many thanks in adavance and u have a good year ahead.

  49. Congrats! Great blog!
    BTW, I think the solution to the triangle question is 3 dimensional. You lay 3 match down in a triangle, then you stack the other 3 to form a tetrahedron.

  50. hi rahul krishnan,
    i had cleared the first round test for sap labs, and i have interviewed lined on 19th Feb. I already have a job offer from Aricent of 23,000 in hand with 21 months bond. Profile sap labs is offering comprises of MS of software engineering with 25000 in-hand. so, i am a bit confused between the two companies, also if i get selected for sap my Aricent offer will stand scrapped.I am a fresher pursuing electrical engineering. Kindly guide me whether i should choose sap or not?? i will be very grateful to you??

      1. hello!
        this iz shaheen can you please tell me wen will we know whether we got shortlisted for the further process of scscscholar@SAP

      2. Hi Rahul, I am too an amritian and we are having sap drive this month. I am from EEE. can u kindly tell me what are the areas that we need to focus on for our branch fir the interview. And also tell me how many ppl from ece,eee and mech got selected from our campus at the time of your interview

  51. Hi all,I’ve been selected for the Scholar@SAP program for SAP Labs Bangalore..I also have an offer in hand from TCS. As told by the HR,SAP Labs Bangalore we have to join by the 1st week of August.And a friend of mine says that joining SAP would restrict my technical domain..Is it true??I want to know what are the job prospects after the completion of 2 years.What would be the annual pay package and what percentage of people are retained by SAP itself??Thanks inn advance..:)

    1. hi..
      can you plz help me to prepare for scholar@sap ,i am ece student and i want to the exact process of selection . what exactly online test consists of and on what area i have to concentrate to be selected.what are the topics to be covered in general apti and technical interview as well.
      when can i expect the reply for posted resume for 2013 batch

  52. Hi Rahul Krishna…
    Thanks for your post which helped me alot
    I had an interview at sap labs for sap abap developer on financial module…
    There were 2 rounds : tech and managerial round…
    In tech dey asked me about my project , to create a medical shop database system with in 10 mins, and 3-4 puzzles and oops concept….N it went fine.

    Then they called me for managerial round 2day and he asked an overall experience of my previous job profile and projects and he also asked me about SDLC , different types of testing , what is design and development and why u wnt to join sap labs..
    It also went fine But I had an year back and i told him abt tht ….y it happened ….
    He told me overall ur good in everything…. due year back u cn face problems…

    Will I make through sap labs or not…


  53. Hi..I need to get placed in SAP ..For preparing we should oly depend on book or any other thing is there for sibjects such as oops,DBMS ,DS etc.,

    1. Hi,

      The aim is to become good at your basics. Books can aid you to improve. If you are looking with a long term perspective (for e.g., if you are in your first year or second year), you could start contributing to open source project. Contributions to open source projects have been found to improve the confidence level of students and also improves the skill set. Apart from all this, it is advisable to look at interview question models, since you need to be prepared.

      1. Hai… This is parvathi

        Im having a interview with sap labd tmrw. I.e 4th june and my backdrop is ece. This i my first interview and a bit tensed.
        Could u pls tell me wat type of question will b asked on problem solving and anaytical skills…. Looking forward to get my dream job n wrk with sap labs….

        This blog is very helpful n thanks for sharin ideas….. Gud day tc guys……….

    1. hi parvathi !!
      r u a 2013 passout?? how did u get a chance of attending interview in SAP? please share with us..

  54. Hello Rahul
    Please add a disclaimer at the beginning saying that ” I did not join SAP Labs so I have no clue as to what help I can provide future aspirants. Some sketchy interview details are given below.”

    1. Hi JM!! Thanks for reminding me to add a disclaimer. I found that lot of people are assuming that I have joined SAP Labs, and I have to reply multiple times.

  55. Hi i am going to 4th yr.Now it is a vacation for us.Can u tell me in wat subjects i should be strong in basics in order to get placed in SAP and could u tell abt the resume ?Wat r the things that should be included n wat r not in resume??

  56. U told that to clear 1st round basic maths,os,oops n dbms queries are needed.If we prepare these things means that is enough or any extra thing is needed??And wer to get the SAP previous question papers.Please send the link.

    1. Being strong in your basics is the first step. The above mentioned subjects are the most important subjects that you should concentrate on – these subjects form the basics of any computer science course. Please google for any previous questions for SAP Labs interviews. I have discussed some of them in my post.

  57. hi rahul,
    i got a call from SAP labs hr through techpro consultancy for a telephonic round.i did wel and tomo is my face to face interview in bangalore.its contratual for 6months. Role :trainee..suggest me some ideas?

  58. I received a call from SAP for interview at bangalore . I cleared the online aptitude test . Being a BCA what kind of questions can be expected in the technical round ?

    1. Brother…if you get this message plz rply me with the questions that u encountered during the apti round if possible….currently I’m in BCA final year from BIT mesra (lalpur campus). The apti round is on 9th sept.

  59. Hi Rahul Sir,
    Liked the way you posted your experience here.Its really helpful. SAP LABS is gonna visit my campus very soon. I am brushing up my technical concepts. I am good at aptitude too. I just want to ask whether they focus on extra curricular activities or not because i am not much into extra curricular activities. So i feel that this may be a negative point for me.

    1. From my experience I would suggest that it is always a good to have a balance between technical and non-technical activities. It has helped gain skills which are very important at workplace. As for the interview, if you are good technically and if you communicate well, you have a higher chance to get in.

      All the best.

  60. hello..I wanted to know do they ask thoroughly from the project i.e write the coding and all or juz basic steps or concepts..and wht is the minimus number of correct questions that i ned to solve to crack the written..??Sap is visiting our campus on 3rd..expecting a soon reply..

  61. hello sir,
    saplabs is visiting our college on 18th. is r.S AGGARWAL enough for general apti? and where shall i get saplabs previous year paper? plz sir, send me d link as soon as possible.

  62. Hey i just cleared SAP Labs campus placement a couple of days ago, Could you tell me how long it takes before we get an offer letter?

  63. hey hi, RK, it was good you guys got in such a good company..Can you enlighten me about what books and by which authors are to be read to crack the best of the interviews. I am a BE computer science student.

  64. Hi, I am from South Korea.
    I have done 6 months internship in SAP labs Korea
    and I am preparing for a presales of SAP KOREA.
    I have been searching some relevant information and I got here.
    it is so valuable info. Thanks !

  65. hi bro…. i have SAP online test on 27 of this month… don’t know the format of exam…. and i am very new to online exams…. can u tell the way it is conducted and the pattern of question paper? plz…

  66. Hi I am from Kochi and last month I got selection for SAP Scholar 2014. But did not receive any official mail or letter. So can you tell me how long it will take to receive.

    Kumar Vijay

  67. Hi Rahul ….
    sheela here.. Actually i got SAP labs call letter , on monday i have interview.. Actually i have 2 years of experience in the field of java can you just tell me the interview process for experienced candidates..

  68. Hi Rahul Krishna and Everyone.
    Iam vamsee and iam from Andhra currently working in a MNC as software engineer in bangalore. Iam a 2012 passout and i came to know abt Scholar@sap program two days back and i started searching for info.

    I came across this blog after i searched a lot in google and at last a better place to know a bit more abt Scholar@sap program. First thing i did was applying to that program. Iam more than interested to join work cum study MS course in SAP Labs. I read the whole blog and comments. This blog provided me more info than any other but i got few doubts which didnt get discussed i think.

    So my doubts are
    1. am i eligible to apply(iam a 2012 passout)?
    2. If so, when can i get a call for the interview(Applied on 13/02/2014)?
    3. Usually when will be the last date to apply?
    4.How many people r selected for a batch?

    Thanks in advance.

  69. Hi Rahul,
    I have been selected by SAP Labs India on the 7th of February 2014. It was told to us that we will be getting our offer letters in the next week but it has not been sent to me till now. As I was the only one from my college who got selected I do not know whether the rest of the selected people got their offer letter or not.
    So what should I do now? Shall I wait for a few more days before mailing to the HR or should I do it right away?

    1. Hi shubham,
      I am in the same scenario as yours..
      I am the nly one in our college who has got selected.. They said they would mail me the offer letter..
      Can u just tell me Aftr how many days did u receive your offer letter?

  70. Hello,
    I got selected for Scholar @SAP program on 14 Feb 2014 . Its a collaborative program in which I can pursue MS degree from BITS PILANI in Software engineering and at the same time i will work for SAP .
    Actually this is a temporary employment . Should i join this.??? PLZZ help

    1. Hi Akshay,

      I would suggest that if you have better opportunities at hand, then go for it. Otherwise, this looks like a good choice. But, anyways, it is your decision. :) May be some others who have been through this program would be more knowledgeable to comment on this.

  71. Hey Dear,
    I have my telephonic interview after two days and i am so scared i have no idea from where i start…. this is the first telephonic interview of my life so i don’t ho they will proceed…. please guide me for the same.
    Thank you..

  72. Hi, everything is going well here and ofcourse every one is sharing information, that’s really fine, keep up writing. aaefeedkkegd

  73. Hi, Every1
    This Blog helped me a lot.Okay, coming to the point.
    I attended a competition in sap bangalore,I came first with ma 2 other mates in the group.So the Judge panel told us they would offer internship.They Haven’t turned up. And even if we are selected for interview,Please help me foe the direct interview process.What are the languages i should be thorough?

    Thank you

  74. hiii bro..
    I got an mail tht sap labs is conducting drive for freshers on software testing. Can u please let me know the process and model aptitude questions

  75. Tomorrow i have my f2f interview in sap labs for testing profile…could you plz help me.. what kind of question they gonna ask related to testing profile????

  76. hey rahul..
    tom have sap apti test….
    m scared…but after reading ur article and others experiences..
    m thinking tat i may succeed….
    hope for best..

  77. hai everybody,
    thank you for all these information..i am going to attend the interview on this reading this all i got an idea..but am so scared..everybody is talking about sap in a different tone..i got a feeling that something is coming..i don’t know how to overcome this..i cleared the aptitude..Friday there is 2 technical round and 1 HR..

  78. Hi Rahul
    Your post helped me a lot during my prep for SAP Labs Interview. And I got selected by them. Thanks a lot! :)

  79. Hi, i know this is too late but anyway congrats.
    i have some doubts, Firstly i’m from a non-CS background and have no idea about DBMS..would that be a problem? Also, if there will be any questions from my core (i.e Electronics & Communication).
    Thanks in advance :)

  80. Hello everyone….I would really appreciate if anyone could tell me that the M.Tech degree that SAP LABS provides from BITS Pilani at the end of Scholar@sap program is “Regular” or a “Distance” one ?
    Also, We are gonna have the apti round at our campus (BIT Mesra e.c Lalpur) on 9th of september , plz suggest me with pattern to follow the online aptitude test round….besides that I’m very positive about myself for the Technical and the HR round…so my basic concerns lies around the Aptitude test…

  81. Hi Rahul
    I am prabhjot and i cleared the written test held on 7th september 2015.
    now my technical interview is on 12th september and the HR too.
    I am from an android developing background and wanted to know that whether they would focus on C/C++ , Java or more on Android ?
    And to what extent i should study for the same.

  82. Hey I have a week to prepare for SAP. I am an ece student and havent studied dbms. How important is it for the interview?? I could study it but i dont have time. I would rather spend the time brushing up on data structures and OOPS.

  83. I’ve cleared the written round of scholar@SAP Program..It had 7 sections – coding , computer awareness, reasoning , design aptitude , quantitative aptitude and verbal .
    We’ve been called at TIT College bhopal for the Interview Round (2 Technical and 1 HR Interview) on 6th November.

  84. I want to ask some questions from afsar,
    I m student of St Xavier Ranchi ,can u tell ur no and email I’d ,by which I can contact to u.
    I am on Facebook with I’d of vishal sagar ,please send me request so that I can ask something to u, I am searching u but I cannot find u,
    finally tell me something about ur interview experience. and congratulations to u ….
    please help me to clear my interview..

    1. I am extremely sorry upendra..I ws not in touch with this blog frm the day I gt placed….couldn’t get ur msg on time….

  85. I am nitish kumar completed my in 2015 in cse stream and I need referral from the employee of SAP labs.So, please can someone tell me the email ID of employee in SAP labs. I can be reached at or 7799076040.Thank you in advance for your consideration.

  86. I am writing to ask if you could provide a reference for me?

    I am reaching out because I am extremely interested in Entry Level Engineer at SAP Labs.I think I would be a great fit for the company based on my skills.I am really hoping you might be able to pass my resume along to the right contacts internally.

    Thank you for your consideration and look forward to hearing from you soon. I can be reached at or 7799076040.

    Best Regards,
    Nitish Kumar .

  87. I am a BCA student and have got selected in TCS,Wipro and SAP. Now I am so confused about these companies, Which one is better to go for as a fresher-scholar@sap or Wipro or TCS?
    [ SAP and Wipro both are providing degree from bits, pilani and TCS will provide MCA degree ].

  88. Hey
    I have a doubt regarding campus placement..i am a final year bca student in mangalore..i got to know about the eligibility criteria for campus placement is said thath we shud have minimum of 60% in 10th and pu..i had 90% in pu..but due to some health issues unluckily i scored only 57% in 10th…i just want to know wether am i eligible ?

    1. SAP is usually strict about eligibility criteria. However if you have any contact regarding that particular requirement, check with them.

  89. wonderful post and very helpful, thanks for all this information. You are including better information regarding this topic in an effective way.Thank you so much

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