This time I thought I should try something different. That which I have always dreaded to do. That which I feared the most. That which would bring my palms to sweat continuously. And that which would make my keyboard wet even when I am typing it out. Haha..!! Well, it is not an immortal attempt to scale the highest peak. No, it is much different. For me the fear of height keeps me awake when I climb up, when I am at the edge of a rooftop. And then came this suggestion from my mentor that I should try out rock climbing (among a hundred other things that I should try out when I am in New Zealand). So, everything fixed on the aim of going through that hell of feeling insecure at a height of more than 8ft. Another hell of exerting myself to bring my body up the sides of a rock. Well, I searched for places to do rock climbing and then found this interesting place near Christchurch – The Roxx Climbing center.

I had a sigh of relief. It is a set up rock climbing center, and not a direct jump from the hard rocks of a peak. So I thought!! It was easy to make up my mind on this since I felt secure at the hands of a robotic carabiner climbing equipment. 

One of my friends in the lab was also interested in this and so we set forth for our adventure. Initially we had a security briefing on what to do and what not. Then came the real challenge. Well, there were many kids along with us. They had a body of 3 ft and a mind that could take a leap of faith from the edge of any tall buildings!! Well, I was a completely different, Made in Fearland item, which would dread to leave my luck to the luck of a Carabiner.

The Roxx center has many artificial rock verticals, and quite a lot of fun climbing verticals. I tried the fun filled ones first. The initial climb was easy. But Oh..Oh..!! After reaching the top, I realized in vain that I had to release my hands from the rocks and then the robotic carabiner would take me down slowly. Ah..!! I don’t believe you.. you carabiner..!! My fear of height!!
So I slowly came down the slope without putting my faith in the all saving – robot. But I had to get over that fear. So, I climbed up another time. This time I stopped at about 7 ft and then tried to overcome the fear of leaving my life in the robot’s hands. Well, in no vain!! So, I climbed down few steps. When the ground was securely in my sight I dropped myself into the carabiner rope. Oh yes! It is working!!. Slowly I climbed few other slopes and gradually by the end of the one hour session I climbed all the way to the top of a  slope and then took  my “leap of faith”. Giving everything to the all saving carabiner robot, there I went down, smoothly landing on my feet.

This was one of those experiences that couldn’t be expressed in words. Especially if you have fear of heights, then this is the best way to overcome it, at least to a minimum extend. It was a great time out at the Roxx climbing center.