A week after my trial with rock climbing came this wonderful idea of going on kayaking. We have been to the city quite a few time
and always noticed people rowing on tiny kayaks on the Avon river. This river flows right through the city of Christchurch. It is named after the Avon River in Scotland (just like most of the places here – Madras St, Saffron St, Cashmere (Kashmir), and lot of other names from British Colonies around the world).

The Boating shed on the banks of the river offers Canoes and boats on rent. We (Akhilesh and I) decided to go the Antigua Boat shed, right near the Christchurch hospital. Though we reached there at an odd time of 3PM, when it was sunny and tiring. We walked from the City exchange to the Boat shed. It was a clear and sunny day. After getting on the single kayaks, we started on our first time experience at kayaking in a river.

The Avon river isn’t deep at all. It was only about a meter deep at most places, and we could clearly see the bottom. It was a new experience to use the double-bladed paddle to force our way through the water. I have never even tried out pushing a paddle in the water, and so it was a whole new experience. The way you paddle decides the direction of the kayak. We started at the Boat shed and kayak’ed upstream for about half an hour. The river banks were lush green with lawns and parks. There were many others, young and old who we met on other kayaks and boats. For some time we competed with each other on the river. Just like sprinting to the finish, we set our own goal and kayaked swiftly. After some time we got the technique on how to ride it swiftly without much effort!! Though it was exhilarating to ride, we managed to wet our clothes. Yes, we were stupid enough to not anticipate kayak to pour water all our our pants!! It was fun!!

After some more relaxed kayaking down stream, we returned to the boat shed. All wet and dripping, we sat on the benches to get a good warm sun on our clothes!!

Not so satisfied with the kayaking on the Avon, we are now planning to go for Kayaking on Lyttelton Harbour next time!!