This would be my first post on the journey to become a survival culinary expert. Since the first day of arriving here in NZ, I have been experimenting with various recipes.  Most of the time the victim of my brutal trials would be my friend Akhilesh, who happens to intern along with me. Lately he is also making me his scapegoat!!

Before I begin, it would be best to know my culinary background. With a huge experience, spanning over few days helping my mom in the kitchen, my experience with cooking would largely be limited to tasting the food rather than preparing it. Starting off from that background, all I try to do is to prepare recipes which are eatable, tasty and would last a few extra days.

The first customized emergency recipe for survival is the Indian vegetable mash curry.

Ingredients :

Onion – cut in small slices ( 2 numbers )
Potatoes – cubed, a square inch each ( about 200 g )
Carrot – cubed, in small pieces ( 1 number )
Beans / Zucchini – cut to small slices ( equal in quantity to sliced carrots )
Any other vegetable that you can get your hands at including cauliflower, broccoli etc…

Salt – 2 tablespoon
Turmeric powder – 1/2 teaspoon
Mustard seeds – 10 or 15 (optional)
Cooking oil – 3 tablespoon
Masala powder (mild / hot) – 3 table spoon
Desiccated coconut – 4 spoonful (optional)
Water – to make it a curry

I Chef cooking instuctions

In a frying pan heat the cooking oil, till it is hot enough and put mustard seeds. Wait for the mustard seeds to start bursting. Now add the onion, and fry till it becomes brown. Once, brown, add the potatoes and cook for 10 minutes on medium. Stir the mixture every now and then cook it evenly.

The potatoes would become a bit soft by this time. In the meanwhile, in another vessel, add water and  boil the other cut vegetables for about 4 mins.
Add turmeric powder to the veggies when it starts boiling.

Once cooked, add fried onions and potatoes (from frying pan) to this vessel. Now, add the masala powder and salt. Cook for about 5 more mins on simmer. Mash the veggies with a ladle. The potatoes should be crushed to invisibility!! It will make the curry a bit thicker one. Add water as required to make the curry enough for 2 people (or as many as you want, though you would trade-off the taste).

Finally, add the desiccated  coconut to this mashed mixture and stir well. Keep it on the stove in simmer for another minute.

Yes, you are done. Serve with rice, or chapatis, or bread and you will have a delightful meal!!

The guarantees apart, this is an emergency customized indian veggie curry for all ages and taste buds alike. You could try varying this template by adding / removing some of the ingredients and you are guaranteed to find your way back to this site!!

Happy cooking
I Chef