MobiHealth 2015: Sharing my experience

Last week, I attended MobiHealth 2015, the 5th EAI International Conference on Wireless Mobile Communication and Healthcare – “Transforming healthcare through innovations in mobile and wireless technologies” in London. This is my first experience attending a conference that is very specific to my area of research. There were parallel sessions and workshops that dealt with devices, storage and transmission, data mining, analytics, IoTs, case studies and information systems – all in the healthcare domain. The following were some of the highlights from the conference.

  • The keynote on “Car as a location for healthcare delivery” set the tone for the conference, which had presentations from researchers in the field of healthcare technology.
  • The research in use of mobile apps to deliver healthcare, support patients, diagnose diseases are increasingly becoming a norm. Though most of the systems are still in a very early stage of research, we are seeing an increased adoption.
  • The research advancements that were of interest to me included: monitoring sleep irregularities, cardiac vitals (ECG, BP, SpO2), driver monitoring through gaze, breath analysis and EEG, sleep quality enhancers, IoTs in healthcare, fall detection and in-door monitoring of older patients.
  • There is a new set of cooperative sensors that are being tested for monitoring ECG signals. Though these are currently expensive and in research domain, they point to a new method of sensing in healthcare.
  • The issues related to technology adoption and retention remains a major challenge.
  • The special clinical session, where doctors shared their inputs regarding the direction that researchers should take was extremely useful in understanding the context in which technology should be developed.
  • Results from some of the study reports on large-scale experimentation of mobile systems points out that though technological advancements are made in remote monitoring, there are huge challenges in motivation and retention among patients.

In short, MobiHealth 2015 was a great meeting place of like-minded researchers where we shared our experience working on technologies for better healthcare delivery. Remote monitoring will in future be ubiquitous and there is a general agreement that the research is directed towards larger and more accurate remote monitoring of patients.

N.B: These are my personal opinions about MobiHealth 2015 and may not reflect the opinions of other researchers.

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