It will benefit both Muslim and Hindu Hearts Alike: SbkSaath,SbkVikaas

First of all, let me tell upfront that I am not a supporter of any party or political ideologies. I am more interested in analyzing and supporting ideas based on facts, not based on political figures. Today Yogi Adityanath ji was annointed as the CM of the most populous state (it can be considered as the 5th most populous country-state in the world as well). These are some my thoughts that I present before you based on my reading and knowledge of the events that are happening around us. You may like some of these, or dislike some these. I accept both. However, I request you to take a look at these points and comment on these based on facts rather than personal biases. (Trollers will be wasting their time commenting as I wouldn’t be approving those either).
– When the present Govt. started Dhan Jan yojna, everyone told no one will put money in these – now almost 90% of households have a working bank account – no discrimination between Muslim or Hindu
– When Give It Up campaign was launched, politician including communists predicted that no wealthy person would forgive their subsidy. As of today 15 million well-to-do families have given up subsidies and this savings has been used to provide new 15 million free LPG connection to BPL families all over India – no discrimination between Muslim or Hindu
– 24×7 electric connection to 18,000 still-to-see-light villages have achieved 50% target in 2.5 years record time – no distinction between Muslim or Hindu houses
– MUDRA yojna – giving risk-free loans to small businesses has so far given out 1 lac crore ruppee to around a million people – no discrimination between Hindu or Muslim
– When LED bulbs have been distributed to more than 10 million house holds there by saving more than Rs. 1000 cr per year on average, there was no discrimination between religions
– Prices of Heart stents and other 675 essential medicines have been capped at affordable levels (from Rs. 45,000 to Rs. 4,000) – It will benefit both Muslim hearts and Hindu hearts alike.
– over 30% farmers have now enrolled (in 1 year) for crop failure insurance for less than 2% premium (the lowest level ever) – no distinction between Hindu farmers and Muslim farmers.
– over 4 crore toilets have been built in India since May 2014 – without discriminating between Hindu or Muslim families
– Demonetization has till now been able to get around 12 lac crore rupees into the formal economy and till date gathered Rs. 6,000/- as taxes from undisclosed deposits (probably only 2-3% data is out now). The inconvenience caused effected both Hindus and Muslims equally – and everyone was happy to go through this yagna for cleansing our economy
– Haj subsidies are specifically given to Muslim pilgrims who can’t afford to travel for Haj – amounting to around 1000 crore every year – Hindus have not called this discrimination against Hindus, though no subsidy is given for Hindu pilgrimage sites.
– India’s highways, rural roads, railway lines, expressways, inland waterways, airports and ports are being developed at at least 3-4 times faster than it was 2.5 years back – there is no distinction between who will get jobs to do these works
– over 1 lac Madrassas will be helped by the Govt. to build toilets thereby giving women equality and sense of self-respect – Hindus population have not accused the Govt. of discriminating against them
– Number of national centers of excellence like – IITs, IIITs, AIIMS are increased after nearly 4 decades – admission to students are based on merit and no discrimination between Hindu / Muslim engineers and doctors
– When more and more Metro trains services are getting implemented in Urban cities, it is going to make lives easier for both Hindus and Muslims alike
– When Central Govt. agreed to devolve more than 50% of revenues to the States and Local governing bodies, it is going to benefit both Muslim villages as well as Hindu villages alike
– When Govt. used transparent bidding to auction coal fields, 2G, 3G and other natural / nation’s resources thereby giving Governments (central as well as states) more than 2 lac crore in initial revenues – it is going to be used equally in developing infrastructure, providing social security and other amenities to all communities alike.
– When a mass movement in the form of Swachh Bharat is carried out with vigour, it is going to make the lives of both Muslims and Hindus much more hygienic and healthy.
– Skill India has trained more than 2 million youngsters in vocation and relevant skills thereby providing them equal opportunities
– Over the last 2.5 years, through the smart use of Aadhar, Jan Dhan accounts and Mobile banking, the Govt. has been able to save at least around Rs. 40,000 crore by plugging leakages in public distribution of services and goods!!
– When priests, imams and hindus are trapped in foreign countries (Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Somalia), the Govt. did not look at their religion before doing everything possible to rescue them.
These are examples of #SabkeSaathSabkaVikas in my view.
#FewThoughtsAbout CMs and PMs
– Being a Sanyasi, who doesn’t mince any words, is a disqualification to be a CM.
– A cinema actor (MGR), actress (Jayalalitha), Buffalo rearers (Lalu ji), hardly literate (Rabri ji), a waitress ji from Italy, and an empty headed son ji can all become CMs and also projected as PMs.
– just being daughter of Nehru ji, just being son of Indira ji, just being wife of Rajiv ji and just being son of Sonia ji are “just” enough to be PMs or PM candidates
– An economist who ran a remote controlled Govt. that oversaw 10 years of corruption amounting to more than 10 lac crore in presumptive and actual loss to the Govt. the communists supported them, while “award wapsi” gang was not concerned about our Natural resources being sold to crony capitalists for throw away prices.
– Everyone who has had a direct experience in their locality about disputes involving religious communities very well know that Congress, Communists, SP, BSP etc. always weight the merit based on religious vote banks and does not deal with it using law enforcement rules.
– When a minority community encroaches land or resources, no political party even raises a whisper against it, and even goes to the extend or protecting the culprits (you will only know it if you are directly effected and not a blind believer of leftist politicians / media)
– There are 12 lac saints and sages in India (according to estimates). But the Government in the past has granted special economic packages only to Imams!!
– In places of worship, use of loud speakers are a common thing in our land. The past Government asked temples to remove it while allowing others to continue using it in UP.
– when 1000s of Sikh were killed after Indira Gandhi’s death, Congress governments conveniently forgot about law and order and NOT a single politician has been chargesheeted
– when 5 lac Kashmiri Pandits had to migrate from Kashmir due to rising insurgency, no political party or award wapasi gang found it
– when in Kerala a Muslim minister for education can openly reject lighting a lamp during an inauguration function without any communists or media raising against it (he also suggested teachers to use green color dresses in schools)
– when a Christian “father” is accused of rape and a set of nuns and bishops trying to protect the “father”, no political parties have their blood boiling – only after continuous media activism did the police take action
We have to compare these with the outcry (by media, “self proclaimed intellectuals”) to arrest when Shankaracharya of Kashi was accused in a crime (later acquitted), or when Baba Ram Dev’s non-violence dharna was lathi-charged by the then Delhi Police.
When Congress, Communists and other parties openly practise and support communalism, people are not dumbos to not notice these. Their own experiences will make them vote against these communal politicians and parties. And of course, if BJP also practices such partisan politics they will also be ousted sooner or later.
– People of UP has votes unanimously to overthrow parties that have practices communalism.
– Without the support of at least 15% Muslims, BJP couldn’t have gathered these many seats, so disillusioned Muslims have for sure supported BJP in these elections.
– When Modi ji became the PM of India, politicians and lyutens’ media had predicted there will be violences, clashes and riot
– When demonetization was announced, again “Harward” economists (with lack of knowledge in Finance) had predicted dooms day, and politicians predicted riots
– When a sanyasi is elected as CM (who doesn’t mince words when talking against Communalism practiced by SP, BSP and Cong), there is hue and cry about Secularism

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