Sabarimala Issue – Who can rightfully take the stand with the millions of devotees?

Over the past one and half months, around 20 lakh Hindu devotee women came to the streets to peacefully protesting the hardline vicious decision of the Communist Government to forcefully destroy the Sabarimala temple traditions.
Unfortunately, the communist dispensation in Kerala, who were not at all enthusiastic in arresting the rape accused Christian priest or in implementing the court verdict to forcefully handover the Piravam Church to the Orthodox sect from the Jacobite faction, were over-enthusiastic in their sequel of abusing the Hindus and their culture. Almost 85 different Hindu Organizations joined in this peaceful Nama Japa (chanting the divine names) protest, which has no parallels in the Kerala history. Not a single Nama Japa protest has become violent.
The political parties (including BJP, Congress, and some factions of Communists) have taken their stand supporting the cause of the Hindu devotees. Hindus in Kerala have been deeply hurt by the abuse of their tradition, culture, and temple practices by the Communist government whose ministers have thrown uncivilized, uncultured abuses on the Hindus. In this situation, the Hindus (who formed the majority vote base for the Communists) have shifted their allegiances. As a consequence, the political parties that stand with the devotees will definitely gain from these events. This is also supported by the statements of many Communists sympathizers.
The political landscape in Kerala has become clearer. CPI-M cannot take Hindus for granted – by taking their votes and then hurling abuses and destroying temple traditions. If any party tries to support the millions of devotees and their cause, Hindus will support them. It is really unfortunate that only BJP and a small fraction of Congress is supporting the cause of Hindus.
Will the Communist government ever touch the religious practices in a Church or Mosque?
When the terror accused Madani was out on bail, the current Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan went to welcome him on stage. When the current CM visited the Pope, he didn’t have an ounce of disrespect to the tradition followed there.
When the Piravam Church verdict came, in which the court instructed the handing over of the Church from the Jacobites faction to the Orthodox outfit, the Communist government did not interfere in the religious matters. When a Cross belonging to the Spirit of Jesus faction that was illegally constructed in the environmentally critical areas of Munnar, was pulled down by a brave collector officer, he was instantly transferred and the CM along with Ministers were on an apology spree, saying that it will hurt the sentiments of Christians. Even illegalities were allowed to pass on as the right to religious practice.
How did the Communist Government in Kerala stab the Hindu traditions?
The current Government, with the help of around 50-60 police personnel tried to forcefully allow Rehna Fathima and few other non-Hindu non-devotees to enter Sabarimala (Rahna Fathima allegedly had a sanitary napkin to abuse the temple customs and also she was dressed in Police attire). They did not stop there, the current Chief Minister also went on to state that the Temple Priest does not have the right to decide when to open and when to close the temple. His Ministers then barraged the Hindus with uncivilized uncultured statements which could only be dealt in a mental asylum rather than the civilized social space in Kerala.
Would he ever have the courage to speak like that – when a Mosque should open and close, or when a Church should celebrate Christmas? No, for sure.
It is also interesting that not a single devotee women in the age group 10-50 wanted to visit the temple owing to its tradition. We should also remember that the Court judgment was to allow devotee women in all age groups (include the menstruating age) to enter the temple. However, the communist Govt. is trying to forcefully push the entry of non-devotees into the temple. This was followed by the arrest of 3500+ devotees from all over Kerala who had protested in Sabarimala. The High Court of Kerala judiciously rapped the Govt. for such large-scale arrest of innocents (which has not even happened during the infamous Emergency of the 70s).
Communists have stabbed and ripped Hindu traditions. Who can rightfully take the stand with the millions of devotees?
So, given these clear differences between how the Communist Government has approached Hindu temples, traditions, and cultures, compared to other religions, the Hindus in Kerala and world around have understood that the current problem is not about the court judgment, but about the vicious anti-Hindu approach of the Government, whose sole propaganda has been to make Sabarimala a war-field, and destroy the Hindu traditions.
If Communists are ready to support the Hindus, the people will also support them, otherwise, in a democracy, the people have the right to choose who rules and who doesn’t. If BJP is the party that is not destroying the temple traditions, people will support them. If it were Congress, people will support them. If the communists can’t feel the pulse of the people, then they will be obliterated from Kerala, just like how people have done it in West Bengal and Tripura.
When Communists have stabbed and ripped the Hindu temple traditions and their sentiments, the political landscape is truly open for anyone to support the legal, traditional, and moral cause of the Hindu community. By supporting Hindus, the BJP has not back-stabbed Hindus but has become the political voice of Hindus. The moment the BJP stops being one, it is no one’s guess that the Hindu community will drift away to other political pastures. It will be foolish for the Communists to think that they can continue stabbing the Hindu sentiments and expect votes from them.

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