Stalin Vijayan destroys the Secular Fabric of Kerala: Maoist Entry in Sabarimala

Today morning (2 Jan 2019), two lady activists belonging to the infamous communist maoist outfit CPI-ML entered the Sabarimala temple with the support of Kerala Government and its police. For those of you who might not know the background of this story, this is the first time that ladies belonging to the reproductive age have entered the Sabarimala temple after the Supreme Court verdict allowing women of all age groups to enter the temple. However, the Supreme court has also accepted to hear review petitions seeking to reconsider this order.

The communist government in Kerala, headed by the Pinarayi Vijayan, has been, since the verdict, trying to push activists and maoists to enter the temple by hook or crook. It is also to be noted that SC verdict states clearly that “devotees” of all age groups may be allowed the entry. On the contrary, the few women who came were non-devotees, activists or with links to maoists. Most of the attempts by these activists have failed and has caused huge ego-loss for Vijayan. So, this time, Vijayan employed the dirtiest tricks in the book. The police, in civil uniform, escorted these two activists. When they were asked by the devotees, the police misinformed them that these activists were transgenders (last month few transgenders had visited the shrine). Then they were taken in an ambulance to the top of the hill. Interestingly, the police allegedly lied to the ambulance service that there are few devotees who were bitten by pigs, and that is why they needed the ambulance. Once they reached the hill-top, the activists were escorted through the back entry (near the administrative block) and rushed to the sanctum sanctorum of the temple at 3.45 a.m. These women were then escorted by the police back to a safe home, which is yet undisclosed.

All these tricks could only have been employed with full state support to save the loss-of-face for the CM.

However, by forcefully pushing the entry of women, the Kerala government and the police have taken Kerala back to colonial ages, or even further back to Mughal era. They have effectively destroyed the Secular fabric of Kerala. “Secularism”, although it has its origin in Europe, where the Church used to peddle in the Governmental affairs, in today’s parlance means allowing a safe distance between the State and the religion. However, in this case, although the SC is yet to hear the review petition, Vijayan’s Govt. machinery has peddled and muddied the religious beliefs of millions of Ayyappa Devotees (around 40 million Hindus, Muslims, and Christians visit the temple every year).

The Ayyappa Devotees, have so far held only peaceful and democratic protests across Kerala. However, with the communist Govt. taking the undemocratic anti-devotee stand in this case, the people of Kerala are reminded of the actual face of Communism. It is unfortunate that Kerala is now being ruled by a communist (with more similarities to Stalin), who have fooled the people by the utopian ideas, and has since trampled on the traditions and beliefs of more than 40 million devotees of Ayyapa. It is a grave concern for the people of Kerala that we, unfortunately, elected Vijayan, who is now ruling like an autocratic dictator with no concern for the democratic and secular liberties of people.

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