All about CAA and Anti-CAA protests

Now we have the luxury of looking at CAA and the subsequent anti-CAA protests with a more unbiased view. During those 80 odd days, we were bombarded with news items (both in print and electronic) that were obvious in its bias while masquerading as secular news pieces.

In this article I have compiled a set of news items that focuses on ground reports and fact based reportage rather than rhetorical polemics that has defined main stream and western media reports.

To understand it, we will need to know the history, and the current situation. I am sure a lot of people around the world (who must have fed upon WaPo, AlJazeera and other similar outlets), would not have taken time to understand all these aspects. May I suggest you to read the following articles and then come to your own conclusions.

A brief history of CAA

Mahatma Gandhi said, on September 26, 1947, “… from every point of view the Hindus and Sikhs living in Pakistan were qualified to come to India. The first and foremost duty of independent India was to see that they got jobs, the amenities required for a comfortable existence, and citizenship”

Parliamentary records on the discussion on CAB

Constitutionality of CAA

A statement in the Lok Sabha that minority community people coming from Pakistan should be given Indian citizenship – “There is no doubt that the affected people who have come to settle in India are eligible for citizenship. If there is no appropriate law, then the law should be amended,”

First Prime Minister of India Sri. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru -Parliament on November 5, 1950.

CAA explained

In 2003, speaking in Rajya Sabha, Dr Manmohan Singh, then Leader of Opposition, asked for a liberal approach to granting citizenship to minorities, who are facing persecution, in neighboring countries such as Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Dr. Manmohan Singh, Former Prime Minister.

Myths Vs. Truth on CAA

Anti-CAA Violence in Delhi – The untold truth

Ground reports from Delhi – the silent Anti-CAA violence victims speak out

Anti-CAA violence perpetrators playing the victim card

Persecution of Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Jain, Parsis in the Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan

Historically Hindus have been subject to persecution under different Islamic rulers (during the medieval period on wards), and more recently in Kashmir where more than half a million Hindus were forced to leave Kashmir due to the violent Islamic terrorism and ethnic cleansing.

How anti-CAA protesters were spreading violence even before the Delhi Riots

It is up to each of us (unbiased readers) to read through all angles of an incident and come to our own conclusions based on our analysis of available data.

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