MobiHealth 2015: Sharing my experience

Last week, I attended MobiHealth 2015, the 5th EAI International Conference on Wireless Mobile Communication and Healthcare - "Transforming healthcare through innovations in mobile and wireless technologies" in London. This is my first experience attending a conference that is very specific to my area of research. There were parallel sessions and workshops that dealt with devices, storage and... Continue Reading →

Gail Tredwell’s Holy Hell of concocted lies

I have over the past few years been in touch with lot of people from all around the world. I have met people from Europe, US, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Chile and a dozen other countries. Most of these opportunities were accidental meetings, partly due to my technical taste and partly because of chance events.... Continue Reading →

1100 Barber

This is a story that happened a few months ago, and then I postponed posting it!! Today I opened my word processor after many days and saw this orphaned post lying down waiting for it's journey to our world of WP. Last day I was in college and thought that I could get a nice... Continue Reading →

Kayaking in the Avon

A week after my trial with rock climbing came this wonderful idea of going on kayaking. We have been to the city quite a few time and always noticed people rowing on tiny kayaks on the Avon river. This river flows right through the city of Christchurch. It is named after the Avon River in... Continue Reading →

Quails, Pines and Lyttelton

It has been two weeks since I last went for tramping. I was also feeling much better physically to go for the next one. As it would turn out, my landlord was planning to go to a near by island - Quail Island. Quail Island is a small patch of land near the Lyttelton Harbour,... Continue Reading →

The Roxx

This time I thought I should try something different. That which I have always dreaded to do. That which I feared the most. That which would bring my palms to sweat continuously. And that which would make my keyboard wet even when I am typing it out. Haha..!! Well, it is not an immortal attempt... Continue Reading →

Tramping at Peak Hill, Lake Coleridge

Few weeks back I had gone for tramping along with some of my friends to Peak Hill near Lake Coleridge. It was the first time I was ever going for tramping. The closest I have ever been to tramping was at Dhoni Hills in Kerala. But this was altogether different. It was cold and windy... Continue Reading →

Interning at HIT Lab NZ – I

I am posting this from HIT (Human Interface Technology) Lab NZ, where I am on an internship as part of my final year Bachelor's project. The internship is called the Winter of Code, and is a fully paid one by the University of Canterbury.  Along with my friend Akhilesh, I arrived here about two days... Continue Reading →

Dr. Muhammad Yunus and Grameen transformation

Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Laureate and Founder of Grameen Bank As most of you might know that the International Conference on Technology Enhanced Education (ICTEE - is being held in our Amritapuri campus of Amrita University. I was lucky enough to take part in some of the sessions and talks on the first day of... Continue Reading →

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