All about CAA and Anti-CAA protests

Now we have the luxury of looking at CAA and the subsequent anti-CAA protests with a more unbiased view. During those 80 odd days, we were bombarded with news items (both in print and electronic) that were obvious in its bias while masquerading as secular news pieces. In this article I have compiled a set... Continue Reading →

Gender, caste, empowerment, and other lies: All for Sabarimala

Over the past few months, the communist government in Kerala has been trying, by hook and crook, to forcefully destroy the age-old tradition of the Sabarimala temple. Here is a look at the list of major arguments that the communist party and the government have been bombarding the public with. Argument 1. Sabarimala tradition is... Continue Reading →

Stalin Vijayan destroys the Secular Fabric of Kerala: Maoist Entry in Sabarimala

Today morning (2 Jan 2019), two lady activists belonging to the infamous communist maoist outfit CPI-ML entered the Sabarimala temple with the support of Kerala Government and its police. For those of you who might not know the background of this story, this is the first time that ladies belonging to the reproductive age have... Continue Reading →

Sabarimala: A tradition that transforms

Shankar, aged 57, from Wayanad district of Kerala was a government employee till last year. When he was young, like most of his friends, he too used to go for movies, have an occasional drink and smoked a few times a day. Having a family (with wife, two children, and parents) to look after, he... Continue Reading →

Sabarimala Issue – Who can rightfully take the stand with the millions of devotees?

Sabarimala Issue - Part I - Communists have stabbed and ripped Hindu traditions. Who can rightfully take the stand with the millions of devotees?

It will benefit both Muslim and Hindu Hearts Alike: SbkSaath,SbkVikaas

First of all, let me tell upfront that I am not a supporter of any party or political ideologies. I am more interested in analyzing and supporting ideas based on facts, not based on political figures. Today Yogi Adityanath ji was annointed as the CM of the most populous state (it can be considered as... Continue Reading →

A letter to Bharkha Dutt: I fail to understand

Dear Barkha Dutt, About two days back I came across a letter written by you to the Prime Minister of our country. The letter was titled A Letter To PM Modi From 'Anti-National Sickular Presstitute' Barkha Dutt. Before I put forth my opinion, let me introduce myself (since I am not the Prime Minister, I will... Continue Reading →

Beyond the BBC’s narrative

I was reading all the furor over the release of documentary about Nirbhaya, produced by BBC. It is one of the gruesome incidents in our country, which happened in Delhi. And the people of our country came out in big numbers to push for stringent actions and modification of laws. Such a mass rise of... Continue Reading →

How Madhyamam, MediaOne, IndiaVision and Reporter broke journalistic ethics

As a resident of Kerala and a student of computer science, I was curious to know about the recent incident in my state, especially with regard to few media houses leading a direct personality attack on one of the most respected humanitarian leaders of our times, Amma. Here is how the whole incident panned out.... Continue Reading →

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