1100 Barber

This is a story that happened a few months ago, and then I postponed posting it!! Today I opened my word processor after many days and saw this orphaned post lying down waiting for it's journey to our world of WP. Last day I was in college and thought that I could get a nice... Continue Reading →

India Against Corruption, preparing for August 15

Dear All, The Jan Lokpal Bill drafting generated a wave of awareness among the people of this country. It has, since, catalyzed a whole movement of people, rallying behind one of the "history creating" legislations in the corruption tainted present of our nation. Plagued with the scandals ranging from Adarsh Housing Society, Reddy Mining, weapon... Continue Reading →

Hey Indians… We are so great!!! (via c0gNiZanT)

It has been very long since I have read such a comprehensive description of the strides that we Indians have taken till now. I feel it is extremely important to appreciate ourselves during a time when we tend to focus only on the negative sides. Before the whining drowns it out, listen to the new... Continue Reading →

Caste System as told by Sri Krishna

In the present times, there are lot of misconceptions regarding the caste system. Most of apprehensions are regarding the relevance and the social problems caused by the divisions. It is during this time that we should all be aware of the reason why caste - the four fold order - came into existence. The following... Continue Reading →

Money may be your’s, but the food is for all of us

Recently one of my friends had mailed me about an incident in Germany. After reading her mail, I was moved. It teaches us a lesson in humility and being compassionate towards others. Given below  is an excerpt from a travelogue, accepting it to be a true incidence. True or false it highlights the importance of not... Continue Reading →

Digging deeper – Ayodhya – land, suit, faith and history

On the eve of the verdict for the title suit of a stretch of land in Ayodhya, I found it really necessary to air my view on this. Before talking about my own view points, let me make it clear that, I have absolutely zero (read it aloud!!) intension to hurt anyone. Moreover, I will... Continue Reading →

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