What would you do if you knew you could not fail ?

"What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?" asks Regina Dugan, then director of DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. It is one of most inspiring of TED talks that I have listened to so far.

Sandwashed Banks of Profit

"I was badly hurt. I knew of many others who were equally and many a times, more hurt than me. Blood was flowing under my feet. I'd never noticed it. Never in such graphic detail." I was at Chalakudy, in one of my friend's home. It was an evening, when the sun was almost hidden... Continue Reading →

Earth Hour 2010

Last year, about this time around, I was walking through the Ashram Halls (at Amritapuri) when I noticed an eerie darkness (surprising!!). Then I noticed the Western Canteen lit up with candles all around. I really couldn't understand the reason, and guessed the reason to be some sort of power shortage that day. Today, exactly... Continue Reading →

Amrita Kalotsavam 10

Amrita Kalotsavam is the Ultimate celebration of Art, Music, Dance and everything that is related with the right side of our brain. This time too, the 2 day festival was organized in our campus. With more than 10 stages to showcase the brimming talents of our campus, Amrita Kalotsavam was, literally, the celebration of life.... Continue Reading →

Neils Postman – On informing ourselves to death

This speech was given at a meeting of the German Informatics Society (Gesellschaft fuer Informatik) on October 11, 1990 in Stuttgart, sponsored by IBM-Germany by Neils Postman. Click here to read the speech. [Source : http://www.mat.upm.es/~jcm/postman-informing.html ] I would suggest you first read his speech and then continue with my blog post - simply because... Continue Reading →

Spic Macay – Amazingly Different

I've been away from blogging for quite an amount of time. So, this is my post on one of my really refreshing experiences at the college. Spic Macay (Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth), is an amazing organization aimed at promoting Indian Classical Music and Culture among us (yea, we... Continue Reading →

foss.in – day 3

The third day of our foss.in, was more of touring bangalore city than FOSS. To give you an idea of how to spend time in bangalore, here's what we did yesterday. The day 3 of foss.in : We saw a movie (2012 - morning show) at PVR, which was pretty cool (not in the literary... Continue Reading →

foss.in – day 2

First of all, kudos and congrats to the whole foss.in team. You have done a superb job, making us feel part of the foss community and giving us opportunity to meet people from all over the world. Now, on to the post. Why am I starting my post from day 2 of foss.in ?? The... Continue Reading →

Audacity of Hope

I recently read "Audacity of Hope", an exciting, and inspiring book written by Barack Obama. I've followed his presidential race from the fall of 2007, the rise of a sincere politician, who stood almost no chance of making it to the most powerful position, but for his sincere love towards his country and the principles... Continue Reading →

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