Amrita Kalotsavam 10

Amrita Kalotsavam is the Ultimate celebration of Art, Music, Dance and everything that is related with the right side of our brain. This time too, the 2 day festival was organized in our campus. With more than 10 stages to showcase the brimming talents of our campus, Amrita Kalotsavam was, literally, the celebration of life.... Continue Reading →

The Android Life

The Android App Project, which was started during the previous Sem vacation, is nearing its completion. I thought of posting about how it has changed my perspective about friends, college and the life at large. The project faced many obstacles throughout the span of last 2 and half months. Starting with some nagging health problems,... Continue Reading →

Confidence threshold

It is a very important task that we should share knowledge and help others build their confidence. One way is to build a community, which will thrive and then help grow a bunch of highly motivated and ambitious students every year. Thus was born the idea to create a FOSS community in our campus, where... Continue Reading →

Somethings are left unsaid..I

Last few days, I was on a holiday with my friends. We went to Ernakulam and had great fun for 2 days. After I returned back to college, and after washing a whole lot of clothes ... I was back to my work. Yesterday, I had a chat with one of my friends...Now, I thought... Continue Reading →

Monsoon Of Blogging !!

Our college came up with the idea of SUMMER OF BLOGGING, as the name suggests a blogging contest aimed at inspiring students to jump-start their career in technologies. The blogging contest was not just meant for that...but something more important. It was about ten days into the contest that I was seriously involved in it.... Continue Reading →

On a somber note ….

Today I have just started my blog.. and I never expected to start off like this....On Feb 1, i had lost one of my classmates.. .. forever....Prabhita...She was a quiet little girl, (introvert.... not being critical), and I almost never talked to her. Most of us Dint. As always... u know the value of your... Continue Reading →

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