India 2015: A rising Lion

In my little way, let me tell you what I feel after 1 year of the new Government. 1. I once again feel that our country is heading in the right direction, in every way. 2. There needs to be a strong leader for a strong country - I still remember how much I admired... Continue Reading →

Beyond the BBC’s narrative

I was reading all the furor over the release of documentary about Nirbhaya, produced by BBC. It is one of the gruesome incidents in our country, which happened in Delhi. And the people of our country came out in big numbers to push for stringent actions and modification of laws. Such a mass rise of... Continue Reading →

How Madhyamam, MediaOne, IndiaVision and Reporter broke journalistic ethics

As a resident of Kerala and a student of computer science, I was curious to know about the recent incident in my state, especially with regard to few media houses leading a direct personality attack on one of the most respected humanitarian leaders of our times, Amma. Here is how the whole incident panned out.... Continue Reading →

Gail Tredwell’s Holy Hell of concocted lies

I have over the past few years been in touch with lot of people from all around the world. I have met people from Europe, US, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Chile and a dozen other countries. Most of these opportunities were accidental meetings, partly due to my technical taste and partly because of chance events.... Continue Reading →

Crisis Communicator Challenge

From April 20th to July 20th 2013, Wise Earth Technology  (of which I am also a part of) is hosting an international programming challenge to build an open source body of code; the software base for the CrisisCommunicator. The three month challenge involves coding a browser-based UI, and a database back-end, with GIS features. A grand... Continue Reading →

Capture The Flag – InCTF 2013

Amrita University and Amrita Center for Cyber Security once again welcome you to the world of HACKING!! We are organising yet another National level 'Capture the Flag' style Hacking contest, InCTF 2013 exclusively for students enrolled in Indian universities. There are 3 rounds in total. The first two rounds are qualifying rounds and are completely... Continue Reading →

Basic android tutorials for starters

I have been thinking of this for quite sometime, and I guess this is the right time. I have designed a small step by step course to setup and learn android. Many of my juniors were interested in going ahead with it. My plan is to give links here in this thread, and discuss all... Continue Reading →

InDeed Campaign for Nature

This week saw the launch of InDeed campaign for nature - by EmbracingTheWorld (an NGO with consultative status with United Nations). I found it to be the most practical set of tools and guidelines to play our part in working towards a better world.


Due to selective media blackout of the "Anshan" by all mainstream media in India, there is only one way to get connected. Watch live telecast from Jantar Mantar : More about Arvind Kejriwal :

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