X and O’s

Confused eh? Don't be. "X and O's", thats our application name (the only one we could have common consensus on!!). Finally, after the submission to ADC 2, we provide you with the downloadable version of our program. This will be useful only if you have an Phone running on Android, or want to try it... Continue Reading →

First Shots of Android App – “tictactoe”

I really couldn't squeeze out ample time to make a readable post on our Android App... but still before we submit the App.. here's a preview :) I am completely responsible for making the screenshot look completely clumsy....and ugly... sorry for that stuff.. :) Couldn't make a better presentation than this. And to give u... Continue Reading →

The Android Life

The Android App Project, which was started during the previous Sem vacation, is nearing its completion. I thought of posting about how it has changed my perspective about friends, college and the life at large. The project faced many obstacles throughout the span of last 2 and half months. Starting with some nagging health problems,... Continue Reading →

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