Intern Life in Christchurch and New Zealand

I couldn't come up with more clumsy title to this post. Literally, my stay in NZ has all this - trekking some of the beautiful places on the earth, greenery everywhere, going to some of the best beaches blue and white sand, and of course had one of the most technically productive times at HIT... Continue Reading →

Quails, Pines and Lyttelton

It has been two weeks since I last went for tramping. I was also feeling much better physically to go for the next one. As it would turn out, my landlord was planning to go to a near by island - Quail Island. Quail Island is a small patch of land near the Lyttelton Harbour,... Continue Reading →

Tramping at Peak Hill, Lake Coleridge

Few weeks back I had gone for tramping along with some of my friends to Peak Hill near Lake Coleridge. It was the first time I was ever going for tramping. The closest I have ever been to tramping was at Dhoni Hills in Kerala. But this was altogether different. It was cold and windy... Continue Reading →

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